Sitting by firelight tonight

Hello Dear Reader,

Over the last couple of days we’ve split and stacked one plum tree and one eucalyptus tree. One’s a sappy wood that needed seasoning for two years and fruit wood is a really good hard wood for fires. The wood has been stored by our shed and this year we’re burning it along with pallets and an old picnic table. By the time we’re finished our wood store will be full. We’ll also order some wood and pay for it. The great thing about wood heating is the prepayment. Whilst we’re keeping warm, we know it’s all paid for.

We use a hydraulic log splitter that does all the work for us. It has paid for itself over and over and it saves our shoulders and the windows if a log flies off when struck with an axe. 

It might seem a lot of work but it’s an economy we prefer to make the effort for.

It does mean that I have quite a scruffy garden as the wood takes up a lot of space and it’s pretty to us but not every one would agree.

The end result are very cosy and adds to our very happy home.

As it felt autumnal this evening, we lit the fire and it was lovely to be warm. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


8 thoughts on “Sitting by firelight tonight

  1. Hi Froogs looks so lovely and cosy and I think its rather nice to see woodstores full of carefully split and stacked wood scattered around peoples houses and gardens, a sign of achievement. and sweat!! isaid I would check log prices here in Northumberland latest from apretty reliable source was £75.00 a farmsize pickup load flat not piled high of mixed hardwoods and he said to watch the double cab size pickup loads because sometimes the spare tyres are under the load and its not as much as it looks. Do you know the poem about which woods burn bright and best? It in our local pub but I dont know who wrote it, may be its very old.


  2. We also had a fire this weekend. Our friend came to visit us as it was her birthday so we picked apples in the local orchard, ate good food and finally chatted round an outdoor fire pit. A good time was had by all.

    I was telling my husband this morning about all you have achieved and how much of an inspiration you are to me.


  3. No fires needed here yet it is still in the upper 90s. Air conditioners still on ! When we get are addition done it will have a wood stove for heat


  4. Hi Froogs. We have just had our first load of logs delivered and are looking at different methods of splitting them down. Could you tell me a little more about your log splitter please. Is it manual or electric powered, what make is it, do you find it easy to operate?


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