Sitting by firelight tonight

Hello Dear Reader,

Over the last couple of days we’ve split and stacked one plum tree and one eucalyptus tree. One’s a sappy wood that needed seasoning for two years and fruit wood is a really good hard wood for fires. The wood has been stored by our shed and this year we’re burning it along with pallets and an old picnic table. By the time we’re finished our wood store will be full. We’ll also order some wood and pay for it. The great thing about wood heating is the prepayment. Whilst we’re keeping warm, we know it’s all paid for.

We use a hydraulic log splitter that does all the work for us. It has paid for itself over and over and it saves our shoulders and the windows if a log flies off when struck with an axe. 

It might seem a lot of work but it’s an economy we prefer to make the effort for.

It does mean that I have quite a scruffy garden as the wood takes up a lot of space and it’s pretty to us but not every one would agree.

The end result are very cosy and adds to our very happy home.

As it felt autumnal this evening, we lit the fire and it was lovely to be warm. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx