Vintage China cabinet refurb

Hello Dear Reader,

Our cottage was built in 1911 and has the original built in cupboards in the dining room either side of the fire. The storage is a real bonus and where I keep my china . The shelves were covered in 1960s wall paper and it was in need of a cheap refresh.

We bought a large PVC table cloth from a budget store for £3.99 and cut it to fit each shelf.

I painted the inside of the cupboard with white paint. Everything at home is painted white.

Above is the shelf before with very tatty paper and the new covering.

The bottom cupboard is for ‘dog stuff’ and that had a tidy up too. In the spirit of make do. And mend, I think that was a successful refurb and now my vintage china has a much more suitable home. 

Some household improvements are really quick and easy. As always, we looked for an affordable way to keep our home nice.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


10 thoughts on “Vintage China cabinet refurb

  1. Hi Jane
    I’m a white paint fan too! Can I ask what floor coverings do you have in your cottage. My house is a 1909 mid terrace and I’m looking for inspiration your home looks lovely homely and clean.


  2. Ahh the wallpaper always the last of a new roll, lining cupboards and drawers, sometimes with alittle date or note or name pencilled on the back (as well as on the wall when you stripped old paper off)Then somebody invented draw lining paper in expensive fancy boxes. And the wall paper did last for decades, I still rather enjoy folding the edges under neatly when I do mine these days one drop of an essential oil to scent on the fold under, or a favourite bar of soap (asked for at birthday or christmas) tucked among the linen. A wrapped Tuber Rose Bar of soap a gift from a relative who visited Highgrove gift shop is still successfully scenting my whole! downstairs loo after 7 years!! Welcome home Froogs and your DB :):) (and you are converting me to the idea of white paint too).


  3. So glad you’ve kept those cupboards! Never know why people rip them out to ” modernist”…they are SO USEFUL! Looking great with fresh paint and the liners!


  4. How do you keep your things so pared down? It feels like I’ve been decluttering forever but everything’s still cluttered and stuffed. I always think what if I need this, what if this happens, what if the person who gave it to me shows up, what if.. what if… so all this good use full stuff that I’m not using and might never use stays here and smothers me.


  5. I just wanted to say thank you for writing your blog. I have read every single post now since the start in 2008 and have enjoyed every minute of it. It’s nice to read your blog and feel normal 🙂 you keep me motivated and inspire me along the way. I have had a quilt stash for a long while and I am going to start with my daughter for a winter project. Your hard work has paid dividends and your houses look fabulous. I can’t wait for the next instalment. x


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