Guerlesquin in Brittany

Hello Dear Reader,

Guerlesquin is an ancient market town some fifteen miles from Huelgoat. It was weirdly deserted, maybe it was its half day closing as not only was nothing open but it was almost deserted. We didn’t mind and spent about an hour just discovering the place for ourselves.

If this was the UK it would have been English Heritaged and National Trusted up the the eyeballs but other than a few signs giving historical information, there was nothing.. it’s just a small market town and people live there and do stuff without a hint of commercialism.

The old town hall was once a gaol and the big house nearby with red windows was the executioner’s house. You don’t get one of those every where!

This is inside what was the town hall. No entrance fee. No one on the door. Just go in.

Isn’t great.

The open spaces, like most French towns are immaculate and a lovely place to just sit.

Above is the old Market hall, it was a corn exchange in its day. Now, it’s a usable public space. It wasn’t open so this photo was taken through the window.

Flowers lined the streets.

Fountain or public well which was once one of the locals sources of clean water.

The outside of the building that was once the town hall.

Homes and houses.

If you’re ever in Brittany and passing through or near by then it’s well worth a stop off. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx