Brest to Nantes canal at Carhaix 

Hello Dear Reader,

I’m typing this after lunch, laid in the shade in the garden. It’s quite warm today and I’m pleased to be doing very little.

This morning, we were up early and went to the nearby section of the Nantes to Brest canal which is seven miles from our house. We have planned to go for quite a while and it was so pretty. The tow paths are popular with cyclists and we saw plenty which were laden with camping equipment and some were towing trailers with everything they needed. We didn’t walk for long. We walked for about an hour and as it reached 11 am it started to get much hotter. We’ll comeback and walk it when it’s cooler. 

Enjoy the photographs as we snooze in the garden.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


4 thoughts on “Brest to Nantes canal at Carhaix 

  1. Wow…. It looks so lovely, clean and peaceful. Almost reminds me of a bygone time. Love reading about your french adventure, although I don’t know where you get the energy. Enjoy the rest of your break.


  2. We used to camp at a municipal campsite near Orleans on our way to Cevennes and walk along the canal there after a day driving with young children. We kept seeing big vole like creatures swimming backwards and forwards across the canal and eventually found out that they were muskrat. I wonder if they occur in Brittany too.


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