Renovating in France on a budget 

Hello Dear Reader,

Today, I’ve given the bedroom walls two coats of white emulsion, sanded the skirting boards and given then two coats of eggshell. Scrubbed down the shower room walls and given them the first coat of paint. My thrifted side tables have had a third coat of paint too. We have painting to finish but it’s all just tidying from now onwards.

We want to get all the major jobs done by the end of the day tomorrow so we can get onto the fun easy parts. There’s snagging to do but a massive day of work has made such a difference. We’re also pleased that we’ve kept costs to an absolute minimum.

DB fitted the balustrade today that he’d previously painted. Everything needs a light sand and a final coat of paint. He has lights to fit, doors to hang and we have to move furniture around and tidy. We’ve got to keep going even though I’m fed up of renovations and just want to go out and visit about five places I’ve got on my list. Fortunately, none of them are going anywhere so I can save the for trips in the future. 

When I look at the photo above, I marvel at everything he’s done: cutthe hole in the floor, customised the stairs to fit, built the stairs, built the wall and built the balustrades. DB – you are a star! I am so proud of you xxx

It’s slow going but we are getting there.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


10 thoughts on “Renovating in France on a budget 

  1. All your work is looking wonderful. I can understand your just wanting to be done with it so you can do something more entertaining. But the reward of seeing what you have accomplished when you go back during winter break will be well worth it. I can’t believe all that you and your DB have gotten done this trip!

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  2. I’ve just checked in to see how you two are doing. This is amazing, spectacular, and Oh so wonderful! You are right to be so proud of DB, he is so talented. You are also very talented, I just love the new furniture items, solid wood made by craftsmen, not the boring and overpriced ikea stuff! How you have transformed it, you really are an inspiration. Your house is really taking shape now. I find myself sad when I read you are gong back to the UK and I eagerly look forward to your return trips and love the photo updates. It’s going to be really cosy in the winter with that new wood burner and your beautiful patchwork throws. I’m so looking forward to seeing the exterior walls being painted and eventually your beautiful garden taking shape. Your house must have trebled in value by now! Congratulations and keep up the wonderful work.


  3. You have made great progress and your house looks wonderful! Your husband is a hard worker and very talented in his carpentry work. You should be proud of yourself, too.


  4. Hi Froogs, Your stairs and bannisters look fab and I can’t wait to see those bedside tables painted. You’re doing fabulously with the renovations. Hope you can keep going and then give yourselves a break and go out for a few adventures before you have to go home.


  5. Thanks for your reply very interesting about the housing market. I hope that it turns around for you somehow. Here anything with character is so desirable because everything is relatively new and all the same. People look for convenience but also something with different features than every body else.


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