Charity shop shopping 

Hello Dear Reader,

We took time out from painting the house and went to the charity shop that’s only open on Wednesday and Saturdays. I bought a couple of bedside cupboards for one of the spare bedrooms. We called into a DIY shop on the way home and bought some light fittings. We’ll get those up as soon as we can. I also bought some pictures of apples and pears, funnily enough, for the stairs. You might get why that’s funny, it’s a British thing so you might not. 

I got them scrubbed down with sugar soap and sanded down before the rain started. We had to bring them indoors and I got a coat of paint on them and I’ll finish them tomorrow. We’re pushing through any desire to jack it all in and head down the pub and we’ll just keep going on this leg of the renovations. It will be worth it in the end. We remind ourselves that we are not builders and it takes a long time for us to do the work.

There’s an end in sight.

We shared a bottle of rosé and watched reruns of old Glastonbury concerts!

We will do this.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


8 thoughts on “Charity shop shopping 

  1. You do find some nice bits of furniture and it always looks great when youve painted it. (Awaits reveal 🙂 You are both doing a great job, and it will be immensely satisfiying for you when you complete a phase of the renovation (and it always turns out expensive going down the pub)


  2. I love the oak cupboard just the way it is, but I am a sucker for natural wood.
    Today I wanted to eat out. We’re down a kid at camp, one at a friend’s, and one with no appetite due to orthodontics. I didn’t feel like cooking, and really wanted DH to take me out to dinner, thinking I would pick up something on the way home for the kids. But, we have something big on the horizon, so instead, I sliced the bread I baked, made a salad, set out plates on the kitchen counter, and called to the remaining brood to help themselves. I then poured DH and myself a glass of wine and headed to the living room for “grownup time.” Kids love being able to take meals in their bedrooms, and my home is more comfortable than a restaurant.


  3. Well done and the pace is good. Your bedside cabinets are lovely styles. Will be tres bon when they are ready and painted. It’s clever to paint them as they co-ordinate very inexpensivey. Love the apple and pears for the stairs.


  4. My granddad always said “up the apples” which was funny because my grandparents lived in a bungalow. He was a Cockney and knew a lot of rhyming slang. So apples and pears – stairs. Very appropriate art work. Audrey from New Zealand


  5. You and hubby are doing great really well, the renovation and ability to find bargains is marvellous. I’m enjoying the reveals and looking forward probably as much as you see seeing it finished home.

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