Laying down a good vintage 

Hello Dear Reader,

I bleat on about wood but I swear it’s my greatest money saver. I’ve bought ( I’m a saddo who’s measured it) six cubic metres of wood and it’ll keep us warm this winter, next Easter, next winter and so on. 

We have three wood sheds. One was already full of wood, this one was previously a store and home for sleepy moths. It’s four metres deep and 1.4 metres high and it’s full of logs. 

So, it’s full of logs!

I pick up the veggie boxes out of the recycling bins, I’ll go into the woods behind us and fill it with kindling and stack it up to dry in the corner of the bigger sheds. 

It’s an odd thing to get so much pleasure out of stacking logs but I’m keeping us warm in advance. Every time we come over, when it gets cold, or we need to dry laundry then we can just light the wood stove and we’ve already paid for it all.

We’re still stacking it!

Here in France, everyone has their own woodsupplier and they if you’re lucky, they’ll share the number with you. We got lucky and got found a local farmer, with woodland and a barn full of logs…..and no, I can’t give you his number just yet.

All my neighbour’s have log piles and they’re a lovely view through the fence. 

So, like a good vintage, the wood has been laid down for winters to come. It’s like having a good larder, a full dry goods store or a freezer full of home cooked food. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


14 thoughts on “Laying down a good vintage 

  1. I know, to some it may seem odd. Just turn up the thermostat and Bob’s your uncle… We get wood every year, so we always have a supply for the wood stove. We have a special guy for the hard wood, but we are also on the lookout for wood via Freecycle , as some folks cut a tree here and there and just want to give it away. We have an old pickup truck we use for this and other garden chores. Plus it is great exercise.


  2. I’m always interested in woodstoves the only thing is some people say they are expensive to run and some say not, I never seem to get a consistent answer. Obviously if you can find or recycle free wood that will help a lot. An architect friend who had one in his own home told me they were expensive to run if you had to buy in all the wood. So any info you can share would be great . I think around here Northern England £40 a pickup truck load is about the going rate. Love the photos. Thanks lots


      • No not stolen, I will ask around and see if I can get an up to date price, the one I quoted was maybe two or three years ago. I will try and check the size too and whether hardwood or softwood. How many logs would you use in an evening etc and such like would be great to know. Lot of locals also use Ovoids a sort of egg shaped coal/coke?? thingy to bank up. The kids call them dinosaur eggs when they are burning red!! Huelgot looks fantastic and you guys are working hard well done and thanks from Jane


  3. I love stacking wood, gathering wood, chopping wood, bringing the wheelbarrow full of logs over my slate floor to the log basket and smelling the wood smoke smell. At work I get people grants to plant trees and then organise the planting and looking after of lots of new woodlands. I just love trees, wood, wood burners and wood stacks! I also love abit of wind as it dries my logs. Plus filling the baskets is a great job for teenagers. I share your passion! And you are right a full woodshed is a great feeling of security.


  4. We had a wood stove in the kitchen when l was growing up. We were in the country and it was a cheap way of heating the kitchen and the food tasted so much better.


  5. Having grown up with and continued to use wood stoves as an adult, I laud your efforts to prepare for winter. Are you able to get green logs for less and dry them ahead yourself for next year?


  6. Lovely stock pile and love your analogy comparing it to a full larder .
    But I wouldn’t like to crawl into the four meter long shed getting out the last of the wood 🙂


  7. Wow this is great. I am hope to move next year and one of our musts is a wood stove. My cousin has one. The smell, the visual experience of seeing the fire burn. The crackle of the wood and the amazing heat. I love it.


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