Wood heating in France

Hello Dear Reader,

We had our firewood delivered today and the farmer just tipped it by our garden gate which I knew he would. Next, we threw it log by log into our garden no of course it got warmer and warmer. I don’t mind any sort of weather except wind, no one likes that. I’ve a shed full of logs to shlep up the garden, up the steps, round the side, then the back of our house and into our shed where it needs stacking. 

We are surrounded by forests in Brittany and wood is the main source of heating in rural areas. It’s reasonably priced and we bought wood that was cut three years ago, dried and stored in an airy barn. It’s dry and ready to use. I bought over a tonne. 

I enjoy the whole process of heating with wood: it’s prepayment so I can be warm and dry our clothes and not worry about cost, it smells lovely, it’s great exercise and it’s carbon neutral. We had a lovely surprise when the neighbour’s visiting teenage grandchildren came out to help us throw the logs into the garden, how charming. 

It’ll take me a while to move it all over a few days as well as aching muscles but it’ll be worth it to have a well stocked wood shed. I’m off to limber up and then move some wood. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


6 thoughts on “Wood heating in France

  1. We heat with wood. (PNW region of the U.S.) Whether it’s a tree on our property which has fallen, or a cord of wood we purchased, it seems we always have to stack it on the hottest day of the year. DH says that’s the “two-for-one” value in wood. It warms you twice! My kids don’t seem to mind the work involved with stacking and hauling in wood…other jobs, yes, but they seem to truly enjoy everything have to do with the woodstove.


  2. You have inspired me to retire in a small property with a wood burner. My plan for the next 20 years is to buy 2 small properties in UK, that I can rent out. Retire abroad maybe in Italy in a small cottage. Somewhere not too far away, so I am able to come to UK a few times a year to see family and check on the properties.
    I do need to clear some debt, so wont be able to buy anything for at least another 2 years. But, the goal is set and I am trying to follow the frugal path.


  3. Hi. I lived in southern Germany for 10 years and loved heating with wood. I would just say that it’s not Quite Carbon neutral if it’s cut with a chain saw and delivered by tractor but the sense of self reliance is priceless. I love your blog.


  4. We usually have 3 or sometimes 4 deliveries of wood each year, and we plan it so we have one of our kids here to help us. Plus, we help our neighbours and they help us too: we try to help each other as much as possible, burning wood is the usual form of heating here and everyone takes it seriously. It seems that we are forever stacking logs! Still, it does keep us fit.


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