Simple pleasures

Hello Dear Reader,

We’re quietly enjoying the peace, working in the house and dog proofing the garden. The weather has been wet and warm which is great for walking even we all get muddy paws.

Above, is not a roasted French snake but a big Breton sausage. They’re just meat and gluten free. They cost around 4€ but one feeds a family.

My eyes were bigger than my belly and I couldn’t eat two portions of sausage and could only manage one. When we’re off work, initially we eat more than usual but after a while we revert to simple meals that we’d have at home. When I cook mashed potatoes and cabbage, I always make spare to cook bubble and squeak for lunch to tomorrow.

This evening, there’s a Fest noz, in Huelgoat and we’ve heard the pipes and chanters warming up this afternoon. This is an evening of traditional Breton music and singing and we’ll be serenaded well into the night. 

We’ll have an early night as we’re shattered from working today and fat tummies from bangers and mash.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


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