Budgeting never stops

Hello Dear Reader,

It can be easy when we’re not at work to relax the budget. We relax our food budget when we’re in France as food prices are considerably higher but are reasonably careful. At home and here in France, we keep every receipt and keep an eye on every penny spent. I keep a simple note book for costs, lists, plans and spending and I know every expense and our balance everyday.

Keeping a tight rein on spending means we have no financial surprises, always have funds and savings and can pay for what we need. I’m rarely frivolous and even whilst we’re here, I meal plan, I’m careful with energy and keep costs to a minimum. 

We’ve had a sociable few days and it’s been just lovely to meet up with friends, eat, cook for people and have drinks. We spent yesterday in the garden enjoying the sun and visiting friends in a nearby village and their new home.

Today, we have a quiet day at home working on our guest bedroom. I should have a reveal soon. Whilst DB does the building work, I sand or paint and it’s great fun working together. Even though we stick to a budget, even it’s a rough one, we still enjoy ourselves.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxxx


15 thoughts on “Budgeting never stops

  1. All I can say is somehow I have blown my budget this week and now I am worrying about my September bills. I’ll get there but I need to reign everything in.


  2. You never know when you’re going to have a rainy day… I am glad I always kept a pot for rainy days. It’s been a bit rainy for the past few months and the pot needs filling back up. But without that contingency? I dread to think.


  3. It’s good to have savings for unexpected expenses. This month, we have already had to inspect and register our car and have some trees trimmed in the back yard. The tree trimming is a necessity because they are hanging on the electric wires going to the house. Maintenance issues ccme up all the time.


      • Hello I am so surprised by the difference of the amount of your food budget between France and UK.Is this because you shop very different produce ? My daughter is going to live as student for 1 year at Birmingham University and I though that her food budget would have been more than her in France.A sort of good new just before a very expensive study year ? But I don’t regret her choice because we kept money for eventual expensive studies. I love your blog ! Yours ,Catherine


  4. I’ve been spending anything up to £100 weekly for food for myself and daughter who is a fussy eater . For financial reasons I’ve had to cut back on lots of things and even €60 weekly is a struggle for food . Where do you do your main shopping I need to try cut mine to less than €60


  5. Shopping at Lidl and Aldi have a major impact on my spends. Lidl has introduced Gluten Free items this week (specials). I find Lidl abroad is the same as Lidl in UK. Very good quality fresh produce too. It does take time to adjust to a more limited shop. My sister doesnt like the budget supermarkets saying she can never do a full shop. Frugal queen has helped me to meal plan and I only use ingredients I can find in Lidl (I have one nearby).


  6. Our budget has gone AWOL over the holidays, with it being our girls’ last before going off to Uni and with an 18th in there – I’m actually looking forward to Autumn and making a fresh start – I need a kick up the backside!


  7. We have seriously relaxed our spending for the last few weeks whilst visiting friends overseas. I noticed this happening after the first ten days and tried to rein in from there. We have now both agreed to reduce spending dramatically. I will get our savings pot back up by the end of the year.


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