Budgeting never stops

Hello Dear Reader,

It can be easy when we’re not at work to relax the budget. We relax our food budget when we’re in France as food prices are considerably higher but are reasonably careful. At home and here in France, we keep every receipt and keep an eye on every penny spent. I keep a simple note book for costs, lists, plans and spending and I know every expense and our balance everyday.

Keeping a tight rein on spending means we have no financial surprises, always have funds and savings and can pay for what we need. I’m rarely frivolous and even whilst we’re here, I meal plan, I’m careful with energy and keep costs to a minimum. 

We’ve had a sociable few days and it’s been just lovely to meet up with friends, eat, cook for people and have drinks. We spent yesterday in the garden enjoying the sun and visiting friends in a nearby village and their new home.

Today, we have a quiet day at home working on our guest bedroom. I should have a reveal soon. Whilst DB does the building work, I sand or paint and it’s great fun working together. Even though we stick to a budget, even it’s a rough one, we still enjoy ourselves.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxxx