Sunny day in the garden

Hello Dear Reader,

I don’t know what it’s like where you are but we’ve had a week of warm, rain, mist and downpours. It’s been ok as we’ve been working in the house and in between going to the Brico to get materials to do the work.

We’ve caught up with friends, had dinner, coffee, afternoon tea, been for walks and had plenty of time for ourselves too. We spent today in the garden, cutting the hedges, clearing edges and taking cuttings to the déchèterie. The weather was also good enough to get four loads of washing laundered and dried in the garden.

Even though we’re on a summer break we still do all we can to keep our costs to a minimum so I save up all the laundry for a dry day. We try and save money every day, even whilst we’re in France.

We’ve also sorted logs, like the laundry they’ve got to be dried. We’ve enough wood cut to see us through our winter break and we’ll need plenty of wood as it gets really cold and wet here in the winter. Tomorrow is going to be sunny so we’ll get out walking early before it gets too warm for the dogs.
Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs 


6 thoughts on “Sunny day in the garden

  1. We had hailstones here in Worcester today then sunshine inbetween cold this evening cardigan day all day enjoy your French time


  2. I love reading your blog and I have for years now on a daily basis.
    We have downsized and taken early retirement as I have been suffering from agoraphobia (brought on by stress). This is helped greatly now I haven’t got the stress of teaching and neither has hubby! The trade off was that we no longer have two good wages coming in and only hubby’s pension as i still have to wait two years to get mine so its frugal all the way. Rather than being downhearted I have fully taken on the challenge and even better have converted my spend thrift hubby! I really enjoy reading about your adventures in France and hope one day that i’m confident enough to visit such a lovely country myself. For now though i’m content with living it through your blog so thank you so much. Ju xxx


  3. We’ve had a lot of rain here but I am considering finding some drying racks for clothes and putting the laundry out on the enclosed patio to dry rather than using the dryer…your garden is lovely.


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