Cheap renovation project in France 

Hello Dear Reader,

We’re cracking on with the renovations. It will be finished in a couple of days…….famous last words. I don’t enjoy this bit. It’s noisy, dirty and we get dirty and tired. We try and do as much as we can each day but don’t like to make noise into the evening as this is such a quiet village. I also like to clean thoroughly each evening so it’s not a mess to wake up to.

We take our time, have a lunch break and take the dogs out for plenty of walks. After lunch, we sat and read outside in the sunshine. 

This room will be a guest room for family and friends and it will be insulated and warm. I’ll go to the charity shops next week to buy furniture that I can upcycle. The weather has been cool today which is perfect DIY weather. I’ve no idea how much money we’ve saved by doing the work ourselves. It’s been great fun doing this together,I hold the board in place and DB secures it. I do the insulating. It doesn’t have to be neat as it’ll be covered by plaster board on either side. It’s another skill we’ve learnt out of money saving necessity.

Tonight, we’ll watch a movie, have a glass of wine and just enjoy the peace.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


8 thoughts on “Cheap renovation project in France 

  1. Yes well done both of you . be thoroughly encouraged we are cheering you on. Look forwqrd to seeing whaty ou do with some furnishings.


  2. That is so cool! Can’t wait to see the end result. Glad you are having fun times as well as working together so well.


  3. The renovations are looking fabulous. So satisfying doing the work yourself, bringing a house back to life. I’m really enjoying your posts from France.


  4. Hi
    How amazing, all the work you’ve done yourselves. Can I ask is that your husbands trade as we would love to do our own diy but don’t have the confidence ir the skills currently to do it. Really inspirational well done!!


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