Busy doing nothing

Hello Dear Reader,

This weekend, we’ve not done a lot.

We had a night out with friends in a local restaurant- I had moules. Today, i popped to the supermarket and I’m always impressed with the outdoor launderette in the car park. 

We’ve had a very lazy weekend.

We’ve had a lot of weather. Sun, rain, sun, rain, rain, thunder, sun. I’ve still washed and dried all the towels and bedding.

We’ve had big cloudy sky but warm rain and plenty of dog walks. 

Everywhere is covered in flowers.

Our local supermarket has the most delicious food.


Plenty of peppers


Ready made love lunches.




Le type of fish 

Carrots and parsley.

Today, lovely friends came for coffee and homemade, gluten free lemon drizzle cake.

Tomorrow, the holiday stops for a while as we start building work on a dividing wall. 

I’ll need cake for that!

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


5 thoughts on “Busy doing nothing

  1. Your photos are just so lovely! Today we had our first downpour in weeks, much needed as we head into bushfire season.

    However yesterday saw our winter temp hit 26c, suits me just fine!


  2. So many delightful images one after the other. It all looks magnificent from the buildings to the skies and the delicious food on display. Enjoy the beauty and the reno work too.


  3. Great to see your photos. Such wonderful food at the local market. Beautifully displayed and also welcoming. Our local market looks very poor by comparison.


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