Sunshine, sunbathing and snoozing 

Hello Dear Reader,

The sun came out this afternoon and we just sat and read in the garden. We have plenty to do but we’re just taking a couple of days off first. We went to the supermarket this morning to get what we needed and had to be judicious and well planned as food prices are really high and we’ll need to menu plan just as we normally do. Anything gluten free is hugely expensive so I’m going to eat carb free for a while.

The fluffies get hot easily so we always sit in the shade or make shade for them. I didn’t read much and fell asleep in the sun. 

I’m going to be busy tomorrow with pasties and cream teas at our place for friends. A bit of Cornwall in Huelgoat. I had to hunt for swedes which are essential for pasties and beef skirt is bavette steak and really expensive here but it’ll all be worth it when they’re made.

Here’s our lazy, easy supper of ham salad that we ate in the garden.

I tried to make gluten free scones but the flour I had was just cornflour so they were more cakes than scones. I’ve been told where I can buy gluten free flour nearby and I’ll get something me better flour tomorrow.

This was the flour I used today and I’ll use it up in cakes or brownies so I can be sociable and have something nice to offer with tea or coffee.

Until tomorrow 

Love Froogs xxxxx


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