Lazy day in Brittany 

Hello Dear Reader,

It’s day one and  at at home at one pm this afternoon,  I didn’t know which day it was. It’s been a very lazy day of dog walking, coffee drinking, a bit of gardening and unpacking and tidying. It’s so very quiet here, no roaring A38, no busy car park outside our front room, no cars parked by my  bedroom window just birds in the forests and not a lot else. 

The dogs have slept and slept and I’ve just pottered about. We’ve caught up with friends and a massive thanks to Simon and Suzie for cooking supper for us last light. They are wonderful dog rescuers with 19 dogs who live in rural doggy heaven along with rescued chickens, rabbits, donkeys and cats. It’s a very friendly menagerie with very good food.

Work starts tomorrow when we go off to Brico depot to buy wood, plasterboard for our next stud wall, then whilst DB builds, I’ll be painting. The sooner we get the work done, the sooner we can relax.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


5 thoughts on “Lazy day in Brittany 

  1. I can see the relaxed look on your face and ‘hear’ the thankfulness in your writing.
    And those dear little dogs – well, they look so chilled! 🙂
    (I have a Bichon too, so I know that’s what they do best!)
    We live in a town in Cornwall, but I’d love for us to have a country retreat – we can’t go abroad because of health issues. A bolt -hole in Devon would suit us. Maybe one day, God willing. 🙂


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