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Hello Dear Reader,

In 2015, when we were house hunting in France, we rented a gite for the first time and wondered why we’d never done so before. Previously, we’d camped (heck! that is not for me!), rented a mobile home on a French campsite for several years and rented a holiday apartment on the beach in Southern Brittany. I’d never thought of a gite, which is the French word for a rural rental property. We in fact, rented the gite above and utterly loved the experience.

When we rented a caravan, we loved the proximity to the beach but never really liked the noise even though the site we stayed on was much quieter in comparison to others we’d stayed on. When we rented the apartment, right on the beach it was great and much cheaper than caravan but the noise of the road wasn’t to our liking. If you ever rent a beach apartment, get one a few streets away from the beach so it’s quieter.

Back to the gite. If you know the area you want to visit then just use Google to search for a gite in that area. You will come up with a multitude of sites and with patience, you can find a good deal. If you are travelling at peak season, then you will pay a premium but off season, you will get a really good price. We paid 200 euros  for the autumn half term week and the weather was amazing and we really benefited from having a garden and quiet outdoor seating. You will also be able to communicate directly with the owners and many gites are British owned. We paid 250 euros for the Christmas week when we went back again, Christmas is usually more expensive

Here’s the link to my review of the gite we stayed in “Cheap Holiday review”

It’s a very competitive market and gite owners are more than happy to provide extra services and sometimes you can negotiate extra services at no extra cost. Some will charge extra for bedding and towels, cleaning services or a welcome basket. You can choose to have these or save money and take your own and leave it clean when you leave. However, you can try to negotiate renting, especially off-peak for a cheaper price or the above services in with the price. Personally, we took what we needed and saved out money.

Gites can be money saving because everything is in the house so you won’t need to take anything. The gite we rented had board games, a TV with French and British TV, shelves of DVDs, CDs to listen to music, book shelves where guests were encouraged to leave any books they’d read and jigsaws. In the rooms, there were baby gates, travel cots, high chair all folded in the corner so a family could just use them. In the shed was a washer and dryer and bikes that we could borrow. There were even garden games. A gite is often someone’s second home and they’re happy it can be used when they are not there and it’s far more homely than a basic holiday apartment.

They are great for an off season break and have good heating, usually a wood burner with access to logs (that a usually an extra cost but very reasonably priced in most of France) and gite owners even go to the trouble of decorating for Christmas and having the place warm when you arrive.

I can’t recommend it enough, it’s a really relaxing place for families and the gite we stayed in would sleep eight, or more as you pay for the gite and not how many people stay there. Ours had sofa beds, extra bedding available and could have hosted an entire family quite comfortably.

Here are some gite sites that you can investigate for yourself

Gites de France – Finistere

Gites in Brittany

This is not a sponsored post but I’d wish I’d rented a gite and I could have driven to the beach and got back to somewhere quiet and rural and had the best of both worlds. I learned what I liked in the end which was a bit of quiet.

I’ll be back with more holiday money saving thoughts tomorrow,

Until then

Love Froogs xxx


3 thoughts on “Renting a cheap gite in France

  1. Now I want to come back and visit the UK, Switzerland, France and many more countries. The flight from my part of Australia is the killer though. For family holidays we generally rented an apartment. The last time we rented a house it was dangerous experience for my father. Yes, we have had a few multi generational holidays. This is also why I cruise, too, as when I add accommodation, food and activities this becomes quite reasonable. Would you believe I have cruised for under $50 AUS a night? That figure would not cover the cost of a bed and board and the added advantage of seeing somewhere new.


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