Save money on a self catering holiday

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Huelgoat Market


I’ll be blogging about this all week. It’ll help me get ready for going away for the summer.

When we get on the ferry in the summer, the atmosphere is palpable. Families have saved all year and for most of the travellers, that two weeks is the only holiday the family will have. Many are laden with everything they need, from tents, boats, bikes and others have two suitcases full of clothes in the boot. Many families are travelling in convoy with extended family, siblings, all the children and three dogs. They may well be going to self catering accommodation in France, which can be found very reasonably if you do your research and find a good deal. Many gites will take pets which will save you hundreds of pounds in dog minding fees and they are family members and it’s great to go on holiday with them.

So, here’s five frugal things to do or take with you to save money on a self catering holiday.


Choose inland accommodation instead of coastal. This will save you a lot of money if you are travelling in a larger group. You will be able to find a cheap studio beach side apartment in the school holidays if you’re a couple or just a family with two children and no pets. If you want to go in a group, take your pets and have plenty of space then rent inland. An hour from the coast will be the cheapest.


Take food with you for the first couple of days. You might not have any idea where you are, where the supermarkets are, what time the cafes open or know when the shops do and don’t open. In our village, the shops open Sunday morning but some of them, along with the bank, are closed on Mondays. Take a cool box with easy to cook food: bacon, eggs, butter, bread, squash for the kids to drink, biscuits, snack, some crisps, a homemade quiche or cake wrapped in foil, so you’ve got something ready when you get there. Pack a couple of litres of UHT milk, teabags and coffee so, you can open the door and make yourselves a drink when you get there. If you’ve just driven miles, you’ll be glad of it.


Take plenty to keep yourselves and the kids amused: books, games, jigsaws, cards, a laptop loaded with films will mean you can have ‘down time’ without having to add in the expense. You may not want to go out every day and you can buy most of the above in charity shops. I take a jigsaw every time, it’s daft to think as an adult but I find it relaxing on a warm evening to sit with this on a garden table as it’s light a warm until 10pm.


Research where the cheaper supermarkets are such as Lidl or Netto. Simply search, or and use the search to find them near you. They are the cheapest supermarkets in France and are especially good for fresh produce.


French markets are not very cheap! They mainly sell the best of local produce, which is nice to buy but not if you’re on a budget. Supermarkets are cheaper and budget supermarkets even cheaper again. Also, don’t drastically change your shopping habits. I never see the point in having a self catering option and then eating out every day. You have the facilities so shop for a few days at a time and meal plan in just the same way.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more money saving ideas for self catering holidays in France. Now, if you always self cater with or without a passport and never leave your home country, here’s your chance to share those self catering ideas for holidays. What do you take with you so you don’t have to rush off and shop immediately? What do you do to save money on your holiday?

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