Long term finances


Hello Dear Reader,

I’m a plodder, a slow burner, a long timer, a waiter, a watcher and I’m proud of it! I’m a dull saver who puts off purchasing something for years and years. I keep looking at my bathroom and kitchen and know it could do with replacing and know that both will do in the meantime. I go through my wardrobe and check clothes I’ve worn and worn and could replace but know they’ll do fine. 

You see, I play the long slow game. I know I can’t have all the free time and freedom that some people crave as my life right now is all about work and my career. You can have income or time but you can’t have both. Whilst you’re busy working, a big financial mistake is to pay for convenience: dry cleaning instead of gently laundering delicate clothes by hand, buying ready made food or take always instead of having home cooked food in the freezer, buying new clothes instead of bringing clothes out of storage and making a few alterations or making decisions based on convenience. 

The long slow game requires patience and means I have to be content with my lot for a long time. I have weeks and years of amusing myself, of being at home, of not spending any money, looking at the same household items and on the surface, to the untrained eye living a very simple life. The long term is all about being as financially secure as possible in an uncertain world. 

When I calculate savings, I know it’s going to take years to get to a level of security: without a mortgage, with a pension fund, with an investment property and to stop investing in any of those is fiscally irresponsible when I’m perfectly capable of earning and saving. Unchecked spending, falling off the financial band wagon or being impetuous will sabotage the long game. That’s why I’m a plodder. I stick at it resolutely and keep going. 

So whether you’re trying to pay off debt, save money, build an emergency savings fund, save for a car or house deposit just keep at it. Select a lower gear, slow down and take it easy as this is going to take time……a very long time. Be patient, don’t expect anything but instrinsic rewards of knowing you’re doing the right thing in the long run. 

Just keep going.

Now over to you. Are you a proud plodder who will get there in the end?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx