Feed bellies not bins

Hello Dear Reader,

British supermarkets always have what you want! The consequences of this is over stock and waste. Ever wonder why food is so expensive, that’ll be because they factor in that waste. Then, at the end of the day, food gets thrown away. Across the country The Real Junk Food Project gets that perfectly edible and safe food and cooks it for the community. In Liskeard, they run a pop up restaurant every week at the scout hut and in other pop areas around the south west. We haven’t made to any before as they are on week days. However, the first Sunday of every month, at The Bread and Roses community pub, Ebrington street, Plymouth, they have a pop up restaurant.

The pub is owned and run by the community and it’s very popular with families and we went for the first time.

There were vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options and everything was delicious.

You pay as you feel and give any donation you want. 

I had curry, sag aloo gobi, chicken dansa and carrot pakoras. It was utterly delicious, homemade and healthy. It was wonderful.

Here’s our lunches and drinks. 

We are everything and loved it.

Dessert was heavenly. Raw vegan cappuccino cheesecake, fruit tarts, chocolate tart, bread and butter pudding and strawberries. 

The vegan cheesecake had a coconut cream topped with cocoa and nuts. The base was made from energy bars probably on a short expiry date. Nothing wasted here.

Look at these these little fruit tarts.

Here’s our desserts. Weren’t we spoilt? 

Strawberries are wonderful at any time.

Well done to the Real Junk Food project for everything they do. Thanks to The Bread and Roses for hosting the event. There was a lovely family and community atmosphere and you can pay what ever you like. Look out for the Real Junk Food Project in your area, it saves waste, creates a real community buzz and feeds bellies, not bins!

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


25 thoughts on “Feed bellies not bins

  1. Hi
    We are lucky enough to have a junk food project small café inside a small shop in Doncaster, They haven’t started making their food yet as they are waiting for the upstairs to be refurbished to open up there as the café part and the downstairs will be the shop. They do make sandwiches to sell and also sell quiche and cakes that have been donated from the local supermarkets. They sell all different types of bread and fruits and assorted tinned stuff, you can give as much or as little as you please. I go every Saturday and have a cuppa and a sarnie and my grandson has juice and a cake. Last week we got 3 packs of M&S waffles with toffee sauce which we enjoyed throughout the week for breakfasts and also some lovely croissants. The only thing with a set price is drinks which are all 50p each no matter what you have, but well worth it as its a big mug or a big glass for the juice.
    I have met some lovely people there and the volunteers are always welcoming and friendly.
    Lets hope more appear all across the country soon
    take care love jane


  2. Hi

    FoodCycle do a similar thing and have a lot of regional hubs, and here in London we have a ton of similar local projects (often faith based) who collect surpluses from local supermarkets to do meals priced by donation (or free). Ours are usually on Fridays or weekends. There’s also Food Chain who for decades have been collecting surpluses and cooking prepping meals for vulnerable people at weekends.

    The Real Junk Food Project in Leeds alas came in for a bit of negative press recently about using food past the use by date (I only skimmed the headlines and it looks like a storm in a teacup and West Yorks Trading Standards being over enthusiastic)!


    • Just looked that up. That does seem sad. We have a real Junk Food Project in Northampton and what they do is amazing!
      I hope the Leeds Peace picnic was a success.


  3. We have FoodCycle in Cambridge, plus Cambridge sustainable food which runs local projects that everyone is invited to join. We need plenty more of them throughout the UK. The amount of food that supermarkets and fast food outlets waste is shocking.


  4. Brilliant! After reading your post I located The Junk Food Project in Doncaster and my partner and I have booked to go there for a Bistro night next Friday. Can’t wait. I’d never heard of this initiative before you wrote about it Frugal Queen so well done for publicising it X

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