Tuna pasta bake 45p per portion 

Hello Dear Reader,

If you have children, they’ll love this. If you’ve very little time, not much money and you don’t want any waste then you’ll love it too. 

I’m really off cooking at the moment but I’ve my very own man mountain who needs feeding so he’s got the cheap version with gluten. My ingredients and prices came from Lidl. 

For four portions, you’ll need.

160g of penne pasta – 10p – cooked and drained

1 tin of tuna -59p

Pasta sauce – 65p

100g grated mature cheddar – 45p

Combine the lot, sprinkle with cheddar and bake for twenty minutes in a hot oven.

Scroll to the bottom.

It’ll easily feed four. You could add some cooked veggies to stretch it further. It’s a winner with DB, it reheats well in the microwave and goes well in a lunch box. 

Scrummy cheap lunch, try it on your family.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


11 thoughts on “Tuna pasta bake 45p per portion 

  1. “Petunia” as one ds called it when he was 3 or 4! (Penne +tuna = petunia) to differentiate from my tuna casserole. I also make your recipe with leftover chicken. I bet your DB is very satisfied,l with your kitchen capers, as are my kids. Funny, sometimes the meals I consider cobbled together are the ones they like the best!
    Cheese is very expensive here in my part of the U.S. right now, (Pacific Northwest.) What are out all but a few slices of Swiss, and I won’t be buying any until it’s cheaper. Cream cheese and sour cream, however, were quite cheap last week, (1$/8 oz.$1/16 oz.respectively.) My freezer is full of those!


  2. I do wish I liked pasta. It’s such good value but I just can’t stand the texture. I do however like cauliflower and have used this many times in recipes as a pasta substitute!
    Eloise at thisissixty.blog

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    • You could substitute gnocchi for the pasta. Home made is super cheap, I make a batch of gluten free gnocchi every couple of weeks, store it in the freezer and use it for main meals and pack ups. Tastes fabulous with Tuna sauce and a sprinkle of cheese.

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    • I often put stale bread in the bottom of casseroles. You need a runnier sauce to soak into all the bread, but it’s quick and filling. In fact our lunch involved onion casserole (I soften big batches of onions, portions them out and freeze them).

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  3. I understand the ‘can’t be bothered to cook’ times. I have them when I am in the middle of things that take a long time to complete, or finish. If these things are substantial like a big save, or a wait for something to happen, then my cooking goes ‘off’. I turn to simple tried and tested and why not? I find that when I am near the end of the wait, my enthusiasm returns. Go with the flow. xx


  4. Hi Froogs, I made a veggie gluten free version today with all items from Aldi. GF pasta, 99p for 500g, used 150g. Tin of peas 21p, tin of sliced mushrooms 39p, tin of sliced carrots 20p and a posh pasta sauce 99p. Cheese already in the fridge and didn’t use that much prob 30g so about 20p. Very quick and easy dish and will do me three healthy portions! Total came to £2.30 which is fantastic for GF pasta dish so thanks very much! New staple dinner I think! Best wishes.


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