Five frugal things on a Friday 


Hello Dear Reader,

Today is payday and budget day for us and it’s also good to look back at a thrifty week and reflect on money saving.

Here’s our week.

1. Moved half our income into savings on payday. That means we live on a superscrimper budget and there’s nothing for: new clothes, going out, takeaways or household items. We make the most of what we already have. If it breaks? We just go without until there’s room in the budget to pay for it. 

2. Mini groomed the dogs. I trimmed around their faces and feet, which means I only have them professionally groomed every other month. I bathe them weekly and found some great dog shampoo in Poundland.

3. Pared back our food budget. I’m really off cooking right now which is uncharacteristic for me. Meals are very simple: egg, chips and beans, baked potatoes and tinned pilchards, vegetable soup, veggie paella and keeping it really cheap.

4. Topping up mortgage payments. We’re aiming to reduce our capital by an additional 5% this year. Our mortgage has five years left but reducing the capital makes a great difference to the interest we’ll pay. 

5. Our weekend job is to split some seasoned logs to fill up our log store for winter. We’ll also split some pallets for our kindling supply. 

Nothing amazing but we’ve planned a no spend month in preparation for our summer break. Now it’s your turn, how’s your week been? Have you kept finances under control? Any family readers making cutbacks to fund the summer break?

Always lovely to hear from you,

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


24 thoughts on “Five frugal things on a Friday 

  1. I would love to save that much but as the only bread winner with a mortgage its difficult. Only 2 years to pay on the mortgage so just have to keep going. I,m off cooking at the moment. Must be the weather.

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  2. We have just begun a super scrimping marathon to take us to November when my husbands pensions come in,we have used up our house doing up budget having moved a few months ago and have done all we needed to do except for a little painting. Our income is now a quarter of what it was but we shall rise to the challenge and are thankful to have a nice home.I am doing shopping with cash and intend leaving the cards at home, the direct debits are right down through changing energy supplier, house and car insurance and paying off a loan so feeling very blessed. A mattress needs replacing but until we have the money ,a folded over double duvet makes a good mattress topper.A breakfast of cheap overnight oats keeps us full for ages and we are having lots of inventive veggie meals.We still will give to the food bank as we think they do an amazing job! My little scruff ball terrier has an embarrassing cut done by me but she doesn’t care as long as she’s cool and happy!

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  3. Inthe sixties and seventies I remember a relative saying if you had two incomes coming in always try to live on one and save the other ( perhaps buy your house and furnish it second hand including the carpets) But their generation did not necesarily aspire to buy because rents were cheaper, tenancies almost unbreakable and decent landlords di the maintainced. Then Mrs Thatcher sold off the council housing stock and shortened tenancies (on the other hand some houses stood empty previously because if you needed a house back you coulc not get it back from a tenant. Nor come to think of it did many people have or understand pensions. Any credit mean an appointment with the very sour faced bank manager. I even heard of ordinary working people saving up enough to buy a whole house in one payment!! Sorry a ramble …

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    • The old advice to live on one income is great. That’s how I bought my first house – it was quite thrilling how quickly the deposit built up! The thing is, I had lived on a tight budget for many years as a single person living in Sydney (Australia), and during my years as a student, so there really was no ‘latte’ factor to cut out.

      This means that living on one income didn’t cause undue suffering! We had fun at no expense – spending time with friends, cooking and eating great food, working in the vegetable garden (which of course saved more money), walking the dogs.

      I am a mother of teenagers now and there are no complaints if we make home made pizzas and play card games or board games. Fun doesn’t have to cost anything.


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  4. We were hoping to go to the Black Forest in Germany for our holidays but when we came to plan and book there wasn’t enough money saved. This was OK by us, we have a few extra expenses coming up (older daughters graduation inext month plus younger daughter off to university in September) so we didn’t want to break into any other budgets. Instead we are going on a shorter Welsh holiday and tbere is enough in the kitty for another short UK holiday. I ger more satisfaction by holidaying within my budget and it gives us incentive to cut back and save for next year when we might make it to the Black Forest after all.

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  5. Have a five day vacation coming up with some friends. Outdoor activities about an 8 hour drive away. The bunch of us are piling into a few hotel rooms to save money. We’re all on a budget, but as we’re all nearly 50 and up, camping doesn’t appeal anymore. Makes my hips hurt something awful. I’m scrimping everywhere I can to save extra for the vacation. Any extra will go into savings. I sold some things that helped pay for some car repairs.

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  6. I am the odd one who thinks scrimping is fun. I do it for the heck of it. I love to see how long I can go without stepping foot in a store unless there is a loss leader sale on, say, chicken. I don’t shop for entertainment. I have other things I do to keep myself busy. My current evening entertainment is turning some old, fairly rough white cotton sheets I had lying around into dinner napkins. I am cutting them out, turning over the edges, and hemming with a decorative stitch on my machine. Each one is better than the next. I even figured out how to miter the border. These are getting tucked away for Christmas gifts.
    Funny about you going off cooking…I have made serve-yourself pasta meals for the past two evenings…very unusual here. We’re generally all about sitting at the table, but we’ve all been a bit “off our feed.”

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  7. My weekend will consist of washing and general cleaning. Planning to use my slow cooker to save money. Saving for a deposit for a house at present. Single mom working full time. I have been following you for years – even follow you on instagram 😂 I get paid next week so I will squirrel as much of that away as I can. Every little helps. Have a lovely weekend xx


  8. I have recently decided to tighten the belt again by going back to our system of different purses for different purposes. Money goes into each purse for the month. I was using direct debit for the food shopping and felt the amount just seemed to be creeping up. When you see the cash in your purse getting thinner you know it’s time to slow down and shop your cupboard, or just buy the fruit and veg that is cheaper per kilo.

    We visited a neighboring town this morning and my son asked if we could have lunch out. The answer was no, the family fun purse is almost empty for this month. This was accepted without argument as he knows we’ve already had fun this month and it’s not long until some cash goes into the purse again. I also keep a purse for my own personal spending (as does my partner) as that way there are no arguments if we want to buy something we need/want, it’s all accounted for.


  9. It is inspiring to read how people adjust to their circumstances and come up with creative solutions. I live on a pension and most weeks lately I have managed to save just under a quarter and then I find out that with an upcoming hospital visit I will have a minimum payment of $480… and that is after my health insurance and medicare payouts. This is just one test and one I need to have. There goes five weeks savings as this is more than I get for one week. Back to the grindstone of finding ways to make things stretch.

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  10. I have just sorted out a budget and got all my finances in order (by which I mean, I am aware of everything rather than they are looking good – because they really aren’t). Food shopping is one area I really need to cut down on, so it’s interesting to read about your meals. I think I am over-complicating things!

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  11. I am so glad that I started a budget, nearly 6 years ago. Before that, I bought what I wanted and when I wanted and put things on my credit line. All of a sudden, reality hit!! My credit line will take me another 10 – 12 years to clear. But, I am now saving vigorously for various “big ticket” items. It is a good thing because, in the last 4 weeks, I have had major expenses of a new hot water tank, a repair to the furnace, and an annual payment for my house insurance. But, I had all of that saved! It has depleted a lot of my savings, but I did not need to put any of that on my credit line and that is a win-win situation.
    Myra, from Winnipeg, Canada.


  12. Single parent with mortgage and 5 kids. I’m co parenting with father of younger two and he pays maintenance for them but can’t find ex (solicitor fees) and still can’t find him to summons him to court. Trying to save for college for oldest dd who will be going in two years. My income took a big set back this year so am only able to save a little as outgoings are large as my other children have special needs and having to go private for ot and physio. As waiting lists here are so long. School costs for September will be in region of €800 in late August so trying to save for that. Being self employed is not easy but unfortunately my only option as my son would be unable to attend after school clubs etc


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