Staying cool on a budget

Hello Dear Reader,

We are experiencing some heat! I know, in the U.K! Parts of it were hotter than Rome today. I felt as if I’d stood in front of an open oven door for most of the day. It’s due to be hot tomorrow and here’s a few things I do when we have a rare burst of heat like this.

1. Keep the curtains shut in the day to keep the sun out.

2. Cool the house at night, leave front and back windows open to bring cooler air in, then stop the heat getting in.

3. Place margarine tubs of water in the freezer, place the frozen blocks, still in the tubs in front of an electric fan.

4. If you have net curtain in your bedroom (which we do) give them a wash and hang them up damp in the open window with a through draught. A very old fashioned method but it works.

5. Have a cool shower before you go to bed.

6. Keep hydrated, plain tap water for us.

7. Ice cubes in the dog bowls to keep the dogs cool.

8. When you get home, soak your feet in a washing bowl of cold water. It really cools down your entire body and will help reduce any puffy feet.

9. If you have a big freezer (I don’t but I wish) then freeze your pillow in a dustbin bag before bed.

10. Any domestic jobs can wait. This is England and it’ll be cooler any day now.

Failing that, there’s always a huge pack of ice lollies in the supermarket for about a quid xx

I’m off to soak my feet, refrigerate my pillowcases and have another ice pole with my feet up.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


14 thoughts on “Staying cool on a budget

  1. Something else that helps is to take a small towel and soak it in very cold water, wring out, and put it around your neck. This cools the large veins and helps you feel cooler faster.


    • I absolutely agree. If you are out and about find a tap and run your wrists under the cool water. Take some time and it will help. A funny trick I was taught is to grab your cooling rag and take it buy and corner and swing it round and round. It will cool down significantly.


  2. We keep all the curtains shut, as you do, and find the house very cool in the evenings (possibly a bonus of a draughty Victorian house!)

    It really has been baking – I actually looked forward to going to the (air conditioned) office this morning 😉


  3. I’ve been sporting a damp cotton scarf round the back of my neck all day. Not pretty but keeps my head from overheating and cheap too.


  4. I am envious. I love hot weather! Well, not for sleeping, mind you. I economize other ways so I can justify the running the central a.c. at night. Although, here in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S., we really only need it once or twice/summer., if even that. One year, by the time I remembered we had central air, the heat wave had passed! DH thought I was just testing myself to see how long I could go without turning it on! Enjoy your warmer days. As you said, they won’t last long.


  5. It gets very hot and humid in Ottawa (Canada) in the summer. We try not to cook at all in the house and if we do we use the exhaust fan on the stove (this means pulling the coffee maker or toaster over to the oven if someone uses them). Squeegeeing the shower and using the exhaust fan in the bathroom help. A quick, cool shower before bed helps you sleep.


  6. Thanks for the tip about a tub of ice in front of a fan. DH in London today 33 degrees C. He said an oven wasn’t hot enough to describe it.


  7. We have been known to move to the basement level to sleep instead of lowering the AC temperature. Kind of fun like camping out.


  8. How cute does your doggy look!

    My freezer is full of flour at the mo – I am worried about weevils in this heat! Really good tip about the pillow. Thank you x


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