Clean, shiny and cheap

Hello Dear Reader,

I’m making the most of this weather to get loads of jobs done. The duvets have been washed, dried and the bed is freshly made. All the laundry has dried outside. I’ve finished weeding the patches, we’ve been to the tip with bags of garden waste.

On the way home, we called into the discount store and stocked up on laundry soap and softener; half the price of even the offers in any supermarket. I bought five bottles of soap and two softener and have stored them for when we need them.

Whilst the laundry was drying, I painted the floor then cleaned the rest of the house. It’s amazing how much you can get done when you’re determined not to spend any money. We’re having a cheat day and not eating properly tonight. No take away for us, just good old ham, egg, chips and beans. You can’t get more budget than that for a Saturday night. 

It’s suddenly very warm here and we’ll spend this evening sitting in the garden (romantic drone of the A38 in the background !) with a glass of something cold. It’s quite ok for us to spend the entire weekend at home, potter about and get ready for another week at work. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


21 thoughts on “Clean, shiny and cheap

  1. Oh, how funny to see this. Freshly laundered , line dried bedding is such a sweet indulgence. II wssj and tumble dry at least weekly, but it’s not the same. I can only line dry when the weather cooperates, but I even iron pillowcases, no matter what. Well, yesterdaysterday, I washed, dried and pressed the kids’ bedding to celebrate the last day of school. Our 16-year old came home, poked his head in his bedroom, then called downstairs “I can smell how good those (sheets) are going to feel.”. I use only white sheets and duvets so that making up multiple beds is easier. Some parents take their kids to dinner or a movie yo celebrate, I wash, dry and iron sheets!


      • For England maybe. Here in Scotland, schools finish for the summer holidays at the end of June.


      • The U.S. School starts in early September in our district, with two weeks off at Christmas. They then get another week off in April, and are out the second week of June. There are some four day weekends as well throughout the year,in October, November and February.


  2. Suffering Ecover envy . I pay alot more than that. Almost worth visiting my sister in law down your way to stock up!! Is that a local or national discount store chain? I have walkedthe dog, cleaned, weeded, dried the laundry and now making pasta carbonate a with leftovers for my two girls who will shortly finish their GCSES and be on holiday from the 21st. Lovely as long as they get on! I love being at home at the weekend getting things in order.


  3. Have you got an extra large washing machine? I’d never get a double or king size in my standard size machine, and laundrettes are non-existent in these parts.


  4. Freshly dried washing is so divine! I remember when my daughter in law came to Oz from USA to live 20 yrs ago and was amazed that everyone here used a washing line to dry their clothes. She said it was only the poorer people who used washing lines, the majority used tumble dryers. She soon switched to line drying after getting large power bills from constant use of a dryer!

    We are blessed here with such good weather much of the year and we don’t even own a tumble dryer, just a massive rotary hoist.
    I well remember as a child in UK helping Mum pull the washing up on the top line. There were 5 kids so always plenty of washing flapping away in the breeze.

    Froogs, that egg, chips and beans looks great. Brekkie time here, but I could definitely eat that now.
    Happy weekend and may your good weather continue.


  5. Most of our weekends are spent at home and my kids pop in and out. I am trying to have a roast on Sunday so I can feed them too. I even have a pair of lines strung out under cover. Almost everything is dried outside all year long. I hang dresses, shirts etc on hangers. That is definitely a benefit of living in OZ.


  6. I’ve just got all my bedding washed, dried and back on the bed today. You can’t beat freshly done bedding after a long hot sticky day 🙂


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