Fun evening entertainment 

Hello Dear Reader,

I’m the odd one out and that’s ok. There’s always one on every street and on mine it’s me. I scrape and dig up the weeds, cut the hedges, sweep the path, clean up fallen leaves, bag it up and take it to the tip in my car. I pick up litter from the car park too and take it home and bin it. I can’t bear a mess. 

I’m in the middle of the path clean. Other neighbours do a bit too. We don’t have vehicular access to our cottages and everything has to be schlepped up and down this path. It’s ok. Tomorrow, all those bags will go to the tip and I will tidy up the border too. 

Now, after a fun tidy up, I enjoy sitting on my front step with a cup of tea and enjoying my handy work. The next fun part of my evening is to get the housework done. I’m easily pleased. 

Over to you my lovelies, who else tidies up the tatty bits and doesn’t mind either. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


16 thoughts on “Fun evening entertainment 

  1. Nice! I’ll be honest, for me, I just can’t stand doing housework. Even the little stuff like washing dishes and vacuuming. It’s odd, I blame it on my mid back hurting, lol. And that’s not a lie, not sure why but I always end up having to do some foam-rolling for myfo-facial release whenever I do housework. Maybe I’m jinxing myself.


  2. You seem to have an amazing amount of energy, especially for a Friday night 😳Litter really upsets me, so yes, I quite often pick it up. I have had to relax my love of tidiness because of the others I live with! Necessary in order for us all to stay sane and happy 😀


  3. I love my home looking neat and clean and the garden too, our front lawn is linked to our neighbours so we share the cutting, the young couple opposite do not have a mower, so tomorrow we will do theirs when we do ours. We have just had our fascias painted and the sills cleaned and guttering unblocked ( husband no longer safe up ladders ) and the lovely chap cleared the elderly neighbours gutter and the one across the road without charging them. When we needed some plasterboard for our kitchen and a bit of piping, a neighbour gave us some and my husband helped them when their hot water went! This all helps for a pleasant neighbourhood. By the way, this is all in our new home in Liskeard!


      • We felt at home straight away, our favourite place for coffee is the garden at Stuart House, the people that volunteer are lovely and the cup of coffee is very reasonable!


    • I live where the local council come and mow the grass verges now and then, but I live near neighbours who like the grass neatly trimmed. They now it about every 2 weeks and now four sets of neighbours do as well. In truth I prefer the daisies, the buttercups and the bees, which would be dealt with by the council about every 6 weeks. I don’t take my ‘turn’ but neither do I insist on leaving the bit outside my house unmowed or mention it – that would be churlish. I have lovely neighbours and keep a wild bit in my back garden (please don’t be concerned I have a tidy, pretty, shrub filled garden – I’m not that embarrassing next door neighbour)
      We all look after each other, picking up discarded rubbish, moving bins back or off driveways so people can drive straight in – share a bottle of wine in the gardens that keep the sun the longest…..
      Neighbours are lovely


      • In Plymouth, the council have planted meadow flowers in the open spaces and roadsides. It’s stunning, full of cornflowers poppies and daisies, it’s stunning


  4. I like to pick up rubbish on my way up hills when walking. Someone once asked me if there was a cafe at the top! No! Just a fuckwit!!


  5. My husband and I are convinced we are the only people in our street that picks up litter …..he’s even cleared up dog mess outside someone else’s house !! It really upsets us to see litter ..why do people think it’s OKAY to just throw it out anywhere they happen to be. Dropping litter annoys me as much as people who don’t recycle properly..but that’s another story.


  6. I regularly pick up roadside litter. It seems to be getting worse. Disregard for tge environment really upsets me. I love the alley way by your cottages.


  7. I’m not quite the same with housework (I enjoy the fruits far more than the labour), but I love DIY. Give me an old chair to sand or a fence to paint, out in the sunshine, and I’m happy.

    I don’t understand people who won’t mow their own lawn or paint their own fence but pay £££ for others to do it, then go and fork out more £££ to run on a hamster wheel in the gym. Give me a quick run and a day improving my environment, any day – free exercise and also such a sense of achievement.


  8. It’s also me, with one other neighbour who regularly cut, clean and tidy up. Takes a morning once a month, it frees up access to the pavement and reduces the overhanging branches and keeps the drains clear. For me it’s part of living in close proximity with other people and our envionrment.


  9. We live on an unadopted road and so my husband strims the verge across from us a few times a year to keep it tidy for us and our neighbours.

    The Cubs in our village had the brilliant idea of tying empty plastic bottles to lamp posts, filling them with dog poop bags and putting a note on the bottle. I’m sure that it has reduced dog poo in our area and I’ll admit that I once was very grateful to use one for our dog. If I see a bottle empty then I place some poop bags in it. I’m sure other people do the same thing as the bottles often have many different bags. It was a brilliant idea!


  10. We live alongside a major A road and people think it great guns to just throw their rubbish out of their car windows, so the rubbish that I end up picking up comes straight onto our property.

    I really despair of people and it’s not just an age thing as is perfectly obvious when we go to the cinema. We were there the other day to watch ‘Winston’ and everyone in the audience was over fifty, you should have seen the state of the place when the film was over. WHY is it considered acceptable to throw your wrappers on the floor, leave your drinks containers in the cup holders and upend your popcorn tubs in the cinema for someone else to clean up.


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