Fun evening entertainment 

Hello Dear Reader,

I’m the odd one out and that’s ok. There’s always one on every street and on mine it’s me. I scrape and dig up the weeds, cut the hedges, sweep the path, clean up fallen leaves, bag it up and take it to the tip in my car. I pick up litter from the car park too and take it home and bin it. I can’t bear a mess. 

I’m in the middle of the path clean. Other neighbours do a bit too. We don’t have vehicular access to our cottages and everything has to be schlepped up and down this path. It’s ok. Tomorrow, all those bags will go to the tip and I will tidy up the border too. 

Now, after a fun tidy up, I enjoy sitting on my front step with a cup of tea and enjoying my handy work. The next fun part of my evening is to get the housework done. I’m easily pleased. 

Over to you my lovelies, who else tidies up the tatty bits and doesn’t mind either. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx