Date day for £15

Hello Dear Reader,

We had a rare day out and it was lovely. We headed up to Plymouth and onto the Barbican and walked around in the sunshine. We bought lunch of sausage and chips for him and chips and mushy peas for me, followed by some very indulgent ice cream sundaes all for the massive sum of £15. We ate lunch and our sundaes on the steps of the harbour, over looking the boats and the crowds milling around. 

It was a big expense for us but I know people reading will think nothing of spending £13 on one starter and wouldn’t think of a takeout on the side of the street as any form of a treat. When you pare your life back to what you need and no more then the good things, the fun things in life become a lot simpler.

Now, a treat for us is a cliff top walk, a flask and homemade sandwiches and a big treat is a takeaway and little pots of ice cream with a plastic spoon. 

I had to show off our sundaes and it wasn’t even our birthdays! We took the little pots and sooons home with us and they’ll get used again.

It was a lovely day and as we didn’t spend our food budget last week, we used what we had left for a date day. 

It was lovely and worth the expense.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


24 thoughts on “Date day for £15

  1. Nice! Never had that combo before. Sausage and chips. My wife and I had our 7-year anniversary. So to celebrate we went to Flamingo’s and went the full monte. $400 bill. Parking was $40 too. It’s crazy in Los Angeles. Just parking will kill you…


  2. Everything tastes better in the fresh air ,even in a deckchair in the garden it’s like a holiday! Our holidays with the children were all camping or caravaning, paddling, sand castles, bat and ball and silly games when raining, adults and children all loved it! You are never to old to picnic and paddle!

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  3. Hey froogs, I love your blog. I just want to let you know that your mp for Poole and Plymouth (I think he’s yours?) Robert syms called a member of the public a dick on twitter cos he said tories were in a coalition with the dup


  4. I don’t want to sound boastful but long ago I decided that I was tired of paying a fortune for a meal out when I could cook better for less at home. Now when I am unwell we eat out more but I do prefer even toast over most of the food I can buy out. Because of my allergies I am very restricted in my choices and thankfully most people do not have that restriction to deal with. My favourite times are small outings to the water and enjoying something simple.

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    • We also much prefer to eat at home. I’m often left disappointed with eating out. My little boys love a little ‘treat’ at our local cafe once in a while. With all of our intolerances, it also seems like more of a chord than a treat to eat out and like you we can often source better produce and cook it better ourselves.


  5. Sounds like the perfect day to me!
    I miss our Sunday morning walks in Christchurch, Dorset we always stopped and had a cuppa and snack at Highcliffe Castle tea rooms, happy days! 😊


  6. Sounds like a really lovely day out but the one thing I find depressing is that you were obviously meant to dispose of those sundae dishes, what a reflection on our (literally) throwaway society; how many of those dishes do just get dumped into landfill?


  7. Lovely, was there last Wednesday with my mum. We ate fish and chips out of the paper, swinging our legs on the harbour wall. Bit windy but a lovely time. You have it spot on. xx


  8. Looks perfect to me. We spent Saturday painting the fence in the sun, listening to French podcasts (trying to brush up!) and chatting. In the evening we had a home cooked meal and a couple of beers outside in our little corner of the world. It’s hard not to feel rich when you have your health and the love of someone wonderful!


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