Date day for £15

Hello Dear Reader,

We had a rare day out and it was lovely. We headed up to Plymouth and onto the Barbican and walked around in the sunshine. We bought lunch of sausage and chips for him and chips and mushy peas for me, followed by some very indulgent ice cream sundaes all for the massive sum of £15. We ate lunch and our sundaes on the steps of the harbour, over looking the boats and the crowds milling around. 

It was a big expense for us but I know people reading will think nothing of spending £13 on one starter and wouldn’t think of a takeout on the side of the street as any form of a treat. When you pare your life back to what you need and no more then the good things, the fun things in life become a lot simpler.

Now, a treat for us is a cliff top walk, a flask and homemade sandwiches and a big treat is a takeaway and little pots of ice cream with a plastic spoon. 

I had to show off our sundaes and it wasn’t even our birthdays! We took the little pots and sooons home with us and they’ll get used again.

It was a lovely day and as we didn’t spend our food budget last week, we used what we had left for a date day. 

It was lovely and worth the expense.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx