Making good choices 

Hello Dear Reader,

Tomorrow , we have an incredible opportunity to make a positive change to our country. I had a lovely chat with my son last night and we discussed stagnant wages. He’s a builder and he and his  colleagues of his haven’t had a wage increase in many years. So many people are really struggling to pay the rent, feed themselves and their children. They are stuck. If they could afford a car they could get a better job. If they could afford college, they’d get qualifications and a better job. If they had fair affordable rents, they could afford to save for a deposit for a mortgage. But people are stuck.
Wages are so low, the cost of living so high, rents take up 3/4 of a family’s money. There’s nothing left. Nothing to save. Nothing to put by for the kids. Nothing for a family to be a family.
Yet huge companies, corporations and massive businesses pay no tax in the U.K. Billionaires dodge taxes on the money they make here in tax havens and all the time. Schools have their budgets cut. The NHS is horrifically underfunded. National security is jeopardized with lack of personnel and resources. The police force and armed forces continue to have cut after cut to the point that we question whether we are actually safe. 
It’s wrong that working people can’t afford: a decent home, heating when it’s cold, clothes for their growing children, an adequate diet and that worst of all they live hand to mouth with out hope. 
I can dish out money saving advice but you can’t save money when you haven’t got any. I can write about menu planning but it’s cold comfort when your fridge and cupboards are empty. I can encourage every one of us to donate what we can to food banks but it doesn’t solve deep political problems that are causing and perpetuating continued poverty and misery. 
Get out and vote tomorrow and use your vote wisely and if you do nothing else think of how one day, you might need the NHS with enough doctors, nurses and staff, a pension, education for yourself or your children, the police to save you, the armed forces to defend you, you might get evicted or fall on hard times and need social housing, you might see child cruelty and hope social services can step in and save that child, you might need the human rights act to be there for you or legal aid because you need to defend yourself or escape domestic violence. 
It’s up to you and it’s your choice. Use it wisely. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx