A really productive week

Hello Dear Reader, 

We’ve been here for eight days but as we’ve got so much done, it’s felt like a lot longer. Even though retirement is nine years away, all our plans are aiming for that. We’re working as hard as we can on the house as we aim to have it rented as a holiday home, when it’s empty, to add further to the retirement fund. We also aim to rent out our Cornish home in the summer month when we’re not there. I really believe in a financially precarious world, we need to make the most of every opportunity to try and offset the rising costs of everyday life. By renting the house in France, it’ll get us into the French taxation system and contribute further to our local economy as well as paying for itself.

We aim to do everything we can and currently treat each trip as a working holiday and whether we’re painting or chopping wood for the winter, we try to be as thrifty as possible. Our rooms are painted white, we’ve refurbished everything to keep everything going longer and we only spend money when we absolutely have to do so.

We’ve walked with our dogs twice a day and enjoyed every moment in all the different weathers we’ve had this week. When we’ve got essential work done, we’ll relax more and go further a field. For now, we’re still enthralled by the walks local to us and enjoying the peace of our own garden. 

We’ve got our bedroom finished. We bought a second hand sofa from a neighbouring village (Scrignac) on the roof of the car. We finished painting another room. 

We went to the charity shop and bought an armoire and refurbished the furniture we’d previously bought there at Easter. We’ve gardened, socialised, made new friends, been to dinner and had friends for dinner with us. 

Our next trip, will be for five weeks in the summer. We’ll have to chop and stack more wood, build another partition wall, install doors, build a balustrade around the stairs and get thrifty around the charity shops as we continue to furnish the house on a shoestring.

It’s sounds like an odd way to ‘save for our future’ but trust me, I’ve got this. We’re thrifty at home, thrifty in France and wherever we are, we watch the pennies, save the pounds and do everything we can to make a difference to our future. 

We’re back home tomorrow and back at work on Monday with the feeling that we’ve got loads done and we’re another few steps towards a better future.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


14 thoughts on “A really productive week

  1. So glad you’ve had a productive week, you really did get so much done. Have a lovely trip home to your other home and a great week ahead.


  2. Bravo, vous avez raison d’être prudent pour l’avenir et d’être économe, cela n’empêche pas d’avoir une bonne et belle vie, une belle maison, recevoir des amis et la famille. Bonne continuation Linette


  3. As always, you are an inspiration. We had an unexpected invitation to visit friends in Australia this year (our friends are paying for our tickets) and so I am currently trying to get us ready to go as thriftly as possible. We’re so very excited; we were expecting to have a staycation again this year with our children.



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