Flat packed furniture in France 

Hello Dear Reader,

Emmaüs in Morlaix is half an hour from our home and we try to visit there every trip. We’ve just bought small items of furniture on our two previous trips but this time we bought an armoire which fortunately came apart with a series of bolts and catches.

One of the chaps in the shop dismantled it for us, gathered up all the screws and then all we had to do was fit it into and on top of our car. DB secured it really really firmly as we didn’t want anything falling out of the back of the car.

We then carried, piece by piece up the garden path, round the back of the house and up the exterior stairs to the top floor and stacked it up.

It took about twenty minutes to take apart and two hours to assemble. 

Here’s our reassembled thrifted armoire that cost us 60€, some time and a bit of effort. It’s effectively flat packed furniture even though it’s all wood. Now we know how to take it apart and get it home, we’ll aim to have one in every room.

We aim to get our new bedroom completely finished so we can sleep in there for a couple of nights. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


25 thoughts on “Flat packed furniture in France 

  1. Beautiful and so French and all for 60euros. Emmaus is a wonderful organization. Did you know each region of France has its own style of “rustique” furniture. It might be fun to try and find a Breton one. Enjoy the rest of your holiday hopefully in the sunshine. Helen in France


  2. Oh Froogs, I just love it, such a beautiful piece of furniture. Old furniture is the way to go, they simply don’t make it like they used to! Have a lovely weekend.

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  3. I love it also, although I can imagine after carrying it upstairs, you might be a bit tired!! Quite a few trips, I would guess. Worth it, of course!


  4. A fabulous find and so French.
    Fantastic that it could be taken apart AND reassembled
    When we married many moons ago we had two 2-door wardrobes which could also be taken apart….although we didn’t realize it at the time. The next time we moved it took three men to lift it up by straps through the window upstairs into out new bedroom. When we gave it away to a young couple many years later they disassembled it to take it….I was stunned to say the least 🙂


  5. Agree with everyone, it’s lovely. The shape is fab and the legs are very french. Well done. Such a thrill to find this one I would think. x


  6. Superbe, vous pouvez peindre pour faire style shabby chic très à la mode. Bravo pour votre travail sur la maison. Linette (française qui ne parle pas l’anglais !)


  7. its beautiful, I love the colour of the wood it adds to it shape and details that I think would be lost if painted. Good find! I would love that in my house!!!


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