Paint, rest, paint

Hello Dear Reader,

What a day! I was up early to catch the good weather and get some laundry on the line and then get on with sanding furniture and adding a couple more coats of paint. When I went out to check in the washing later, I noticed that the side wall of the house was wet even though the sun had dried out the other walls. We’d had a leak and had to remove some of the stud wall and get the leak fixed. Luckily, a friend/hero came to our rescue and fixed it. It’s now drying out with a dehumidifier which has set us back a day but it would have been a lot worse if I’d not de I to have done some washing.

We’ve met some lovely people in Huelgoat, including a couple who have rescued dogs from as far as Ireland, Spain and here in France. They give these ageing and unwanted dogs the loveliest life on a French smallholding. We went for a barbeque lunch in their beautiful garden. Lunch lasted the rest of the day and then we came home and put our feet up and this evening, we’ve had another few hours painting.

Tomorrow, we shall plod on with more renovations and head over to Emmaüs in Morlaix to look for an armoire in the afternoon. Like any charity shop shopping, we could be lucky but we may well come back empty handed. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


5 thoughts on “Paint, rest, paint

  1. What a beaut day (except for the leak) you always pack so much into your days. I hope the rest of your time is just as rewarding. I love the furniture by the way, just love it!


  2. I feel quite exhausted watching all you get up to! I think your drive and determination is infectious and certainly gives me a sense that I should not waste time and strive for what I can achieve…… while watching the £s and making sensible thought-out decisions, of course!


  3. I love to follow your blog, when I first saw this picture I thought you’d come home with more dogs instead of a new wardrobe! 🙂 I’d love to know how you manage to keep your fluffies so clean, they always look gorgeous!


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