Working holiday in France

Hello Dear Reader,

We made sure we hit the ground running and got straight on with the renovations we’d previously planned. Yesterday was really busy and got the house up and running an hour after our nine am arrival. When we arrive, we have to turn on the water and electricity, bring in logs for cold evenings, unpack, make the bed and turn on the water heater. I then cleaned from top to bottom, well, just because I do.

After lunch, we went out with friends to see their renovation project in a nearby hamlet and I know it’ll be absolutely lovely one day; it’s in the most beautiful location and I’m really going to enjoy watching them turn it into something wonderful.

Back to our renovations. DB is upstairs in what once was the apartment kitchen, that is now part of the main house, thanks to the stairs he built last summer and the dividing wall he built this Easter. The kitchen fittings have all been removed and he’s filling holes and painting. In the meantime. In the meantime, I’ve sanded three pieces of charity shop furniture we bought at Easter. 

As you can see, most of our rooms still aren’t finished so we can use them as work rooms. It means I can move furniture into there to work on it.

I’ve used Valspar egg shell paint and it’s the same colour as Farrow and Ball’s ‘Old White’ but it was half the price. I have enough paint to paint all of our secondhand furniture. None of it is old, of any value and a bit of paint livens it up a bit. 

DB has worked hard upstairs and we’ll hopefully have the room finished within a couple of days and we can move into our brand new bedroom.

My bigger pieces of furniture are being sanded and painted in situ so I have to sand and clean, then sand and clean. It’s a mucky job but it’ll be worth it when it’s done. 

We’ve also picked up a sofa that we bought for 40€ and after sitting on our Ikea chairs and they instead will go up in the bedrooms. It looks pink but the stripes are red and grey. It’s huge and fits both of us and the fluffies. We brought it home strapped to the roof of the car ( to me, to you) and it was just not a nine mile journey albeit a very slow and careful one. We are having fun finding thrifty furniture and keeping the costs as low as possible. At the rate we are working, it’s going to take a few years to finish but at least we’ll have a laugh whilst we’re doing it. 

We’re shattered tonight, so we have our feet up with a mug of tea, Supervet on the tv and an early night ahead of us so we can be up bright and early to get on with some more renovations tomorrow. Who’d have thought a working holiday could be such fun.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


5 thoughts on “Working holiday in France

  1. Fabulous, I love the colour of the refurbed furniture, it will look very “country French” I think. Have a lovely week.


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