As a mum

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6 thoughts on “As a mum

  1. As a citizen of the UK, as an Asian, as a female, as a human being- I cannot express the sadness this has created. I am shocked that someone on British soil could sink so low. Prayers for all families that have been affected. It’s all we have been thinking about all day.


  2. I live in Texas now but used to live 90 miles from Manchester and it is very much in my heart. I am deeply saddened by this horrific event and send condolences to all who have sustained losses and best wishes for a speedy recovery to all the injured.


  3. It’s so sad to think about. I cannot stop thinking of all those young people having a great time at a concert and then such tragedy for no reason. What is wrong with these people? I see the good in the people of Manchester and how they came out to help their neighbors. It’s so good to see that there are good people in this world. Pray it never happens again. Arlene from Northeast USA


  4. I cannot imagine the pain of the families who lost loved ones, but I understand the pain of Britain in general, we have all been through this at some time, we hold each other up in our prayers and send virtual, heartfelt hugs to our ‘cousins’ across the pond.


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