Keep it clean

Hello Dear Reader,

It seems a clean and tidy house is important to most of us and I’m not alone in my enjoyment of housework. I actually find it really relaxing.

I thought I’d share this cleaning schedule from Good Housekeeping.

You can print if you’d lik. Mine is printed and is on the back of my cleaning cupboard door.

Happy scrubbing xx
Love Froogs xxxxx


17 thoughts on “Keep it clean

  1. I’m a fan of a clean and tidy house as much as the next person, but if the sun’s shining or I’ve a good book that’ll always win over scrubbing a floor or washing down paintwork. Generally I keep the kitchen in a decent state, same goes for the bathroom especially as it’s also home to a kitty litter tray. But lots of other chores can wait until another day if I’m quilting or off to a yoga class.. I don’t live in a show-home and nobody needs to eat their dinner off my floor, so it doesn’t have to be clinically clean.

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  2. It seems I have worked too much as many of those 3 and 6 month and yearly jobs were done much more often. I cleaned out the refrigerator at least once a month, more depending on what happened inside.


  3. Good reminder – thank you! I’ve been very busy at work and have been tending to let the housework pile up. My landlord had to come fix something last week, and so I spent time straightening up and doing some cleaning. I’m trying to keep up with the tidiness. So much more pleasant!


  4. Sorry, my google searches are not making sense. What is a hob? My Americanism must be showing. Usually I can figure it out. The first search was a person and the second was a tool. BOTH of which make clearly it daily very funny.

    Thank you and you advice is international.


  5. I feel like a complete failure after reading that list! When was it written? Back in the 50’s when women stayed home and housework was their life?
    But truly, I’m not going to lose sleep over the fact that my light bulbs weren’t wiped this year and my windows weren’t washed this month, or indeed last month. There are many more rewarding ways to spend my time.

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  6. Thankyou-so easy to follow.
    Tried the Flylady website but the cleaning routines are so complicated, this is much better .


  7. I don’t think this housekeeping schedule is that outrageous. I probably clean the windows 2x a year… not monthly. Those with kids can enlist them to help! Sometimes these jobs are pretty quick. If you’re waiting for your coffee or tea, that’s a perfect 30 sec to wipe something down.


  8. I love this. I wipe every finger print off every surface every morning because I have those crazy shiny tupac cabinets…. My house gives me so much and asks so little in return the least I can do it keep it clean. I can’t relax in mess and squalor and find cleaning kind of cathartic. Plus I only work a 9 day fortnight so finding time isn’t tricky. Love the blog as always.


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