Just saved myself £237

Hello Dear Reader,

I am looking pleased with myself as I love a bargain. Just before Easter, I went to Specsavers, had my eyes tested and ordered two pairs of varifocals with one pair having tinted lenses. They duly arrived two weeks later and the prescription was incorrectly set and they offered to replace them in another two weeks or I could have a refund. I took my £326 and left.

I found a much better deal and went to Asda opticians with my prescription and spent £119 on branded advanced varifocals, that have three graded prescriptions in each lens and one pair are prescription sun glasses. They also sell generic glasses With any type of lens you require for £45. There are no extra charges unlike Specsavers who charge extra for: varifocals, anti-reflective coating, scratch resistant coating, thinner lenses or tinted lenses. 

Here’s my next bargain and why I’ve been extra thrifty this month of some eggshell paint for my vintage furniture in France. I had the intention of buying Farrow and Ball paint but just couldn’t bring myself to pay £60 for 2.5 litres of Old White paint. Instead, I bought a brand for half the price and had it tinted Oyster Shoal. Even then, I cringed at £30 for a tin of paint but it will transform the furniture and the armoire I’m hoping to buy in a couple of weeks. 

Even I have to spend money every now and then but when I do, I really like to my money’s worth.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


16 thoughts on “Just saved myself £237

  1. I’m sure that you already know that paint in France is incredibly expensive except when its on Promo in Lidl. Their white emulsion, made in Germany, is excellent for coverage ,colour and price. But it doesn’t stay long in the shop on Promo day!


  2. We got our glasses (much like yours) for half the price of the opticians quote and they are lovely. I dont need designer frames for $100 and up.


  3. Spec savers are always getting prescription wrong but definitely much cheaper in Ireland than other optician I’ve been too


    • With varifocals, a technician has to mark the glasses with me wearing them, to set where my pupils are to set where the three levels of prescription must lie, not sure how that’s done without a tech


      • Hi froogs, I recently ordered glasses from glasses direct – not varifocals but a strong prescription. They emailed me and asked me to send a picture of myself holding a bank card at eyebrow level so they could measure the distance between my pupils. Sounds like you got a great deal at asda though, would be very hard to beat that price for varifocals.


  4. That’s a really good price for your glasses. I need new glasses and looking for a bargain as I wear contacts most of the time. Love the paint, can’t wait to see everything painted.


  5. Did you know you can get F&B paint colour matched in Johnsons paint at a Decorators Merchants! Used by Trade users but anyone can buy from them. Not sure if Eggshell is available but definitely emulsion. Worth asking next time?


  6. Love the colour of the paint, will look lovely and stay that way I am sure over the years. Excellent news on the glasses – I am shopping around at the moment and will definitely try Asda. Thanks for the tip.


  7. It always pays to be very careful with prescriptions. I bought my first glasses from spec savers and found myself replacing them a few weeks later. I was so cross. However my health fund covered the cost so I could have been far worse off.


  8. I’m in the middle of a frugal diy make over at home and had to buy some paint a couple of weeks ago. I was planning on a zero spend on the project but sometimes you just don’t have what you need in your stash.


  9. I need to have my lenses thinned and that’s an extra expense. 😦
    I’m going to go back over your archives looking for healthy, frugal, tasty meals. We’ve spent quite a lot on our home this year, so we need to tighten our purse strings.
    We have an Aldi here in Camborne and we do the majority of our shopping there. However, Aldi has a LOT of enticing impulse buys!! Need to go around with blinkers on! 😉
    On another note, your silver hair is coming through beautifully. 🙂 I’m growing my coloured hair out – only about 1cm left on the ends. It’s not looking like I imagined, there’s lots of different natural shades mixed in with the silvers.


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