A few frugal thoughts 

Hello Dear Reader,

Sunday was my ‘big shop’ day. I know some of you have them and some of you scout round for bargains and know just where and when to shop and get the best prices. I occasionally saunter up to the Co op just before it closes but mostly I plan my shopping and rarely shop spontaneously.

I have a big choice of shops that all offer great prices on my way home from work, near my house and within a few minutes drive. I shop in Bodmin which is the neighbouring town just as the way of a change. Any way, I digress, but back to the frugal thoughts.

I can’t remember the last time I just walked into a shop and picked up what every I liked. Don’t get me wrong, I used to do that in another life but I certainly don’t now. I might have ketchup written on my list but I know when I get there I’m looking for the best value per 100g. If you have a few seconds, then look at the unit prices on the shelf prices. I’m so used to doing that now mental maths has really sharpened, I’m sure it’s as good as brain gym or puzzles. I even look at the back of loo rolls and look at how many square metres I’m getting per roll because sometimes the offers are not great. In most cases, I usually buy one up from the bottom price as that seems to get me the best value.

I’m also really on the ball when it comes to working out portion costs and will use a permanent marker to write on packs when I get home, such as frozen chicken breasts, to work out the unit price and then I can budget each meal. My average price of a main meal is £1 a head sometimes a bit lower or higher.

I also do a monthly shop in specific shops, for example, I can’t find better laundry products for the price anywhere but Lidl (and it’ s on my way home) £2.99 for 40 washes which is 7.5p per wash and the £1.99 2 litre bottle of fabric conditioner gives 66 30ml doses, so a mere 3p per rinse. So, roughly 10p in products to do each wash, I haven’t found anything as cheap or as good as that so far.  I’m like Carol Vorderman walking around shops these days.

Just the other day, we were in Asda and we eyed up the packs of sausages like hungry school children and couldn’t bring ourselves to pay £2.50 for 6 gluten free sausages! I immediately said out loud, I just couldn’t help myself, that’s 40p, or thereabouts per measly sausage! A whole chicken was £3.50 and gluten free………….I bought the chicken! Being thrifty and quick with numbers means I’ll pause before I buy, think of the unit price and often, just walk away as it’s not good value.

Before I go shopping, I do a few things. I check www.mysupermarket.com and make sure I can’t get what I want cheaper else where. If  shop in Asda, I use the price promise feature on their website and enter my receipt and get a refund voucher if I could have bought my groceries cheaper else where. I also use any vouchers that come through my door and use them to shop in Farm foods, conveniently next door to Asda to get 10% off my shopping.

I meant to post this on Sunday, whilst this was still in my mind but here it is today. Unusually, a bit random for me as just a few this and that thrifty thoughts came to mind. You may be at the beginning of your thrifty journey, might be tightening your belt, may have something to save for such as a wedding or a new car and may have a whole load of reason why you need to save money. We are saving for our retirement in nine years and have lots or renovation projects on the go which means with the combination of the two, we have to be super thrifty and make every pound do the work of a fiver.

I’m all shopped until the end of the month. I have a full freezer and pantry and will only need to pick up fresh fruit and veg weekly as I have everything else.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx




12 thoughts on “A few frugal thoughts 

  1. Just a small thing. Hadn’t been to Aldi in a while, but on Sunday I did, and I was pretty impressed at the amount of gluten free products. Compared to other places they seemed quite reasonably priced. I don’t need gluten free myself, but when one of my friends stays, I do normally end up spending quite a lot to cater for her. I wish I could use any washing powder and I’d love to use conditioner but anytime I try to wander from the straight and narrow of Ariel, both DD and DH itch like crazy.


  2. Ah the extra little expenses such as laundry reactions all add up. It is easier to stick to the bare basics and reduce the toxic load on our bodies as much as we can, I was so happy when unit pricing came to my corner of Australia. It makes shopping much easier.

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  3. I also aim for £1 head for meat portion of a meal. OH usually only gets treats when discounted or I save money by buying liver which works out less. I am veggie so stock up on Linda Mc stuff when on offer.


  4. I shop looking just at the price per unit too. Though i do try and buy australian only and ethically if i can, which often means a little more expensive, but cooking from scratch has helped. Wish aldis were a bit more ethical and plastic free coz i love their prices (except fruit and veg is fresher and cheaper elsewhere in australia)


  5. We also compare unit prices. When the children were smaller I would make them practice their mental maths this way. I was wool gathering in the supermarket the other day and picked some pasta only to be told my eagle eyed daughter that it was not best one to get. I hope they continue to learn and when they work get the most out of every hard earned pound.


  6. I have a small budget per week for food which is good as I am veggie and DB is veggie and gluten free. I find that I shop carefully now especially since I have been following your examples. I never throw food away anymore and I never. It’s amazing how a tin of tomatoes and some beans and lentils extend a menu plan with little added cost. We eat well and healthily for around £1 per portion. Your recipes are great for us we adapt the meat ones to suit.


  7. wash powder , of all the places to buy cheap, Iceland do huge boxes for £4.99 , 75 0r 100 washes depending on the flavour you want . Its Easy brand, its washes well and i can get more than 100 washes from a box , plus were a family of skin lepers and it annoys no one .


  8. Hi, Farmfoods are really good if like us you tend to buy frozen rather than fresh (mainly due to a limited budget) and the fact that we can use as much as we want and put stuff back into the freezer knowing it wont go off before I can use it (as tends to with fresh stuff, mainly veg).
    I went to Farmfoods yesterday and got 10 bags of assorted veg for £8 (5 bags for £4 offer at the moment). Also their chicken breast fillets are excellent value at 3 for £10. I got skinless sausages, assorted chicken products for the grandson, 2 boxes of 30 fishfingers for £5 and 3 packs of bacon for £6, all excellent quality. We are trying to up our 5 a day and eat a better diet to lose a few pounds (in weight lol) before our hols in 11 weeks.
    I also used the £2.50 off a £25 spend voucher so even better value.
    take care jane xx


  9. I love the idea of writing portion costs on packets – I’m sure I could save bundles by doing that! I tend to overspend and overeat when it comes to doing the shopping, so writing down the portion costs will help me to save plenty.


  10. Looked for this big drum of laundry detergent in my lidl today has it been discontinued. Would I be correct that you use to use eco care brand


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