Lemonade budget? 

Hello Dear Reader,

This is one of our cheapest meals and one of our favourites. I take a few potatoes, peel and slice a few potatoes and onions and chop up a few slices of bacon. 

I boil the potatoes until they are just cooked but not over cooked.

I fred the bacon and onions with frylight and added a crush clove of garlic. You can of course add a tablespoon of olive oil or use fattier streaky bacon.

I make a cheese sauce to go in top with 250g of quark with three beaten eggs and a heaped tablespoon of finely grated Parmesan. You could make a béchamel sauce and add 100g of grate mature cheddar and pour that over; mine is the low fat version. 

I minx the whole lot together and pour the cheese sauce on top. You could make twice as much cheese sauce and it would permeate throughout the potatoes. 

I cooked it for twenty minutes at 180. 

I served it with steamed greens. It costs pennies but we love it. If you’re following Slimming World then it’s syn free but full of flavour. It’s such a favourite here and you can add cooked vegetables or add corned beef. 

So, that’s our cheapest favourite meal, what’s yours? 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


9 thoughts on “Lemonade budget? 

  1. I do something very similar to this but usually use leftover ham, chopped into small chunks, and make the bechamel sauce with non-fat milk, and use a small amount of extra sharp cheddar sprinkled on top after grating. The most flavor with the least amount of cheese (and therefore, fat.)
    Almost any vegetable is good on the side.

    Another favorite, although cheap, is a quiche with breakfast sausage (I use a brand that has a fairly heavily seasoned sausage with lots of sage, which my husband loves) –I make my own “Bisquick” a baking mix containing the fat already in it–I keep a container of this in my refrigerator. It makes a crustless quiche with only two eggs, 1/2 cup of baking mix and about 4 ounces Swiss cheese, grated. I usually serve this with individual salads on the side. I put onions in with the sausage as I brown it before adding it. It lasts us two nights usually.

    Pasta of any kind goes over well with us also. Tonight I cooked 3 Italian Sausages (we only ate 2) with some frozen beef ravioli and jarred Marinara sauce. Parm to sprinkle on top. That was about half a package of frozen ravioli (I buy cheese filled at times also.) I usually make garlic toast with pasta meals but didn’t tonight–and wouldn’t have been able to eat any if I had. I was quite full indeed without bread. I invent casseroles with pasta all the time–meat, a bit of cheese, pasta and some kind of sauce. Frozen spinach, which can be had on sale for $1 a pound is a good addition as a vegetable for these–half a pound is enough. I like spinach with chicken and pasta especially. I generally buy fresh veggies but we are not at the end of the storage winter veggies and spring has not quite arrived yet, so it’s the time when I do turn to frozen for some things. We pay $5 for a pound of fresh spinach but $1 for a pound of frozen. I much prefer fresh but not at that price.

    We are not big eaters of steak or expensive meats and like the longer cooking leaner cuts of beef especially. Casseroles suit us just fine. I only use about 12 ounces of minced beef when I make a casserole or meat balls for the two of us–and often that goes for two meals also. Seafood is a more likely splurge for us if we want something special–often salmon at home, once in a great while I get to go out for lobster–my husband doesn’t care for it, so the splurge is not all that expensive even–he will order salmon or some other fish he likes. I guess we’re pretty simple people.


    • Same here, I make a HUGE quantity so that we have some for packed lunched during the week. Together with homemade chapattis it has to be one of the cheapest meals we eat.


  2. The cheapest one I do regularly is mushy pea fritters. A tin of mushy peas, mixed with breadcrumbs made from leftover bread, then seasoned and fried. We have a couple of those with oven wedges made with potatoes sliced into wedges, still with the skin on, then tossed in a bit of oil and tandoori spice. The fritters are 6p, the potatoes vary as the price goes up and down.


  3. This is one of our favorite recipes and cheap.

    Cut the green beans and boil in water with salt, put to drain, while we make a puree of envelope that comes in flakes, according to the instructions and add grated cheese.
    Chop a garlic into small pieces and add the green beans and mix well.
    We make a poached egg, for each diner and mount the dish like this:
    – a layer of green beans,
    – mashed potatoes
    – Poached egg with a little paprika.


  4. My cheapest meal this week would be mushroom risotto. My mother hates skins and stems. Those were used to make a little stock with some pepper, salt and asafetida as I am not allowed onion or garlic. I then fried off the cut mushrooms and set them aside. Total for mushrooms and stock was $1.39. The rice cost about 50 cents. So dinner for two around $2 at the most.


  5. This was my favourite meal my mum used to make, but with leeks, and just dollops of quark ontop..tastes like LOVE in my opinion.


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