Summer is a coming! 

Hello Dear Reader,

School summer holidays are always so very lovely but can be a really difficult time for families. Most parents will work most of it and juggle childcare, sometimes as we did with spouses taking separate holidays to care for children. Lots of families like to get away in the school holiday and they tailor to suit their budgets. We had plenty of long weekends in tents in Cornwall with a gas stove, cool box, sleeping bags and bicycles but great memories. 

Now, we start budgeting from one year to the next and my biggest costs is my ferry crossing as we do a long Plymouth to Roscoff trip. Depending on where you live, the shorter crossings are much cheaper and if you don’t mind the drive, it’s always worth doing the Dover to Calais trip or to take the tunnel. If you want to get a really good deal, look on cashback websites like Quidco or Top cashback, you can save money on your crossing. If you want a 10% discount on Brittany Ferries, send me an email and I can help.

If you want a bit more of a fancy holiday and have ideas to share on cheaper holidays then please share with everyone. There are great deals to be had on British holidays and there are even holiday price comparison websites such as travel supermarket that can show you some of the best deals. So here’s my first question, do you start budgeting and planning well in advance? 

I don’t wish to put a dampener on a British summer but it only lasts a few weeks so do we really need a lot of summer clothes? This is where I turn to charity shops, supermarket and discount retailers for a few t shirts and shorts. They barely get any wear from one year to the next so at the end of the season, it gets tucked away for the colder months. Summer clothes for children when you want to take them away on holiday is tempting but just remember, no body will know you when you get there and if the children have clothes they’ve had for a while then they’re not precious and they can just have fun. 

We all love to get out in our gardens in the summer and if we were tempted, it’d be great to have a barbecue and garden furniture. Keep your eyes open at the local recycling centre as people just discard them. We’ve not bought one yet, my cheap method is to cook it in the house and carry the food outside. I get that I’m a tightwad and that’s not for everybody! Look on a Facebook for items either for sale or free and put a shout out for a barbecue and garden furniture. We love recycling pallets as we live round the corner from an industrial estate where they leave pallets out to recycle. If you’ve enough time on your hands and a bit of skill then you could upcycle to garden furniture as lovely as this.

Now it’s your turn, share your money saving tips for the summer months? 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


12 thoughts on “Summer is a coming! 

  1. Sun 9.50 holidays. They are never £9.50 obviously but very good value for the school holiday dates they do. Unfortunately you have to book and pay for them pretty much upfront just after Christmas which isn’t easy for a lot of families.


  2. Hi Froogs

    Can you tell me where you saw the picture of the fantastic garden furniture made from pallets? I would very much like to have a go, Many thanks


  3. I love all your ideas and links, thank you for all the good information you share. We are looking at booking a 6 person family holiday/reunion next year, so I will be eagerly following all your frugal tips. We will have some time boating and exploring in France, then across to England for a bit of travel up to the Yorkshire area.


  4. Summer in UK this year due to unexpected separation and house move! Luckily I love our coastline! Have been re reading all the tips from you Froogs as am doing a lot of belt tightening:-). So a big thanks from me too


  5. We have a real gas barbecue now, but for years we had a home made one that my husband put together using some free bricks and two old oven racks ( one for the fire grate and one to cook to food on). Light a fire a wee while before you want to cook, and when it’s just hot embers no flames left, cook your food. It helps to pre-boil longer cook items like chicken pieces and sausages. I also make my own natural insect repellant which is very economical – is a spray bottle put boiled water, splash of vodka, tiny dot of detergent and essential oils( rosemary, tea tree, lavender, juniper, peppermint are all good). I make another rub-on version for serious bug attack – which is almond oil with the essential oils added. We eat outside most nights in summer ( in New Zealand).

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  6. Summer is very expensive for us as a family as we are not heat tolerant and it is hot and muggy here. We had ten solar panels installed quite a few years ago and they have reduced our electricity bill by hundreds of dollars each year. We also live as much as possible in one room so that one air conditioner is running instead of four. We tend to stay inside a lot now as outside is cruel. Our council has free activities in the libraries and they are planned for various age groups. these were life saving when my children were small. We also used to do a mystery box with various activities and each day a new activity was chosen at random. The expensive treat was once only and that was ice skating and they started with simple things such as baking biscuits to picnics in the local parks or bike rides.


  7. I feel it is easier in the summer holidays especially when the children are younger . Although at 11 & 15 mine still like picnics , fishing in the stream with nets , baking cakes & biscuits , walking in the forest / park or a trip to the beach ( taking a picnic of course ) they still like board games too on rainy days , it’s all down to how you bring them up , they appreciate a treat if it’s not everyday!!


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