Do you spring clean?


Hello Dear Reader,

We don’t have much spring left here! Spring is short lived here and before we know, it’ll be summer then we really won’t be home much or feel like emptying the pan cupboard when it gets warms. Spring cleaning is important to me as I get to give the house a good sort out and get rid of anything that’s clogging up my life. I live in a two up, two down and there’s no room to swing a small kitten so clutter just does not feature! Last weekend, I really got the bit between my teeth and my head feels so much better. I organised and deep cleaned my sewing room, which also doubles up as my office and as I spend a lot of time in there working, it’s a much better place in which to think and create now it’s fresh as well as very organised and tidy. It’s a great way to stock take and realise I have plenty of everything and I then know where everything is.

I love a to do list and love that feeling of ticking each job off one by one. I have a long weekend at the end of the week and I’d like to get at least two of these jobs down. I also like a realistic goal, there’s no point in thinking I will do it all as I just won’t. If I get more than two jobs done, then that’s a bonus.

I don’t know what you need to do but here’s my to do list.

Empty out wardrobe and drawers, check if I still fit any of the clothes and send the rest to the charity shop.

Take out summer clothes from the drawers under my bed and fill the drawers with winter jumpers.

Empty out and clean the airing cupboard, refold or iron any bedding. Take surplus to the charity shop.

Empty out the kitchen cupboards, one by one, wash down all the shelves and replace items, washing any with dust.

Empty out and clean out the dining room cupboards and paint the insides.

Wash and repaint skirting boards down stairs.

Paint the hall way – it makes it look cleaner and brighter with a coat of paint.

That’s just for starters!

I better get on with it, May is around the corner and it’ll be summer before we know it.

Over to you, who else has a good sort out and clean at a certain time of year?

Until tomorrow,



16 thoughts on “Do you spring clean?

  1. I have been sorting out my sons old toys. He is now at the age where he enjoys the cash they make. Sold some Lego to a work colleague for £25.00. Space in my cupboard, money in his wallet. Win win! X


  2. Yes it is that time of year. We heat with wood so I feel like there is soot all over everything! Why does Spring cleaning have to come right when all the work outside comes too? I feel like I have a really long list of things to do!


  3. I live in Australia and, though the weather is much cooler I’ve had some lovely warm (but not scorching) days where I’ve been able to catch up on wiping down skirting boards and window sills as well as sorting cupboards. It helps that my youngest child is now at school full time (I work 1 day and volunteer 1 day per week) so have some time to get these jobs done. It’s so nice to have less clutter around the house as we don’t have much space. My 10 year old has been sorting out her barbies and other toys ready to sell them so she can buy some trendy boots for winter 🙂
    Oh! I’ve also enjoyed airing all the dooners and woollen blankets, knowing I won’t have much chance once winter arrives – that will need to wait until spring.

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  4. I do some seasonal cleaning, but am truly considering hiring some help again at my age. I did have a half day cleaner every other week when I was working and had money to spare. My sister was the best and fastest I ever had, but she WON’T come out of retirement to clean my house. Can’t imagine why, LOL. I have trouble doing floors–my husband mops with a sponge mop but I find that not nearly clean enough. I prefer hands and knees washing with a rag or sponge. We each did half the kitchen a couple weeks ago and the difference was easily apparent!!
    I do switch out seasonal clothing and I wash all the bedding spring and fall as well. Other things get done on a priority basis–which is a nice way of saying whatever looks filthiest gets done first. Curtains get vacuumed at a minimum, washed or dry cleaned in rotation. House work is noticeably slowed by aging bodies. I used to be able to do the entire house in a day–now I’m lucky if I get around it in a week. I am easily distracted, and some arthritis figures in also. I can get down but I need something to grab on to if I want to get up again. We have recently gone through the closets to eliminate things no longer wanted, and next will be the linen closet area. I keep at it but my heart isn’t in it like it used to be.


    • Marcia, I read a book about Japanese ‘green’ living and the author said that her elderly grandmother made floor washing ‘slippers’ out of old clothing. You put them on and then just rub the floor with your feet – maybe that will help you get a nice clean floor 🙂


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  5. I enjoy spring cleaning, and being a list maniac makes it easier to do. Every surface is cleaned, every cupboard cleared and as we have white walls and white woodwork throughout the house that also gets a fresh coat of paint. That probably sounds like hard work, but because it gets freshened every spring with the same colour, its a quick job and mainly consists of touching up places that look a bit scuffed or scratched. I always feel energised after the house has been scrubbed and polished from head to toe.

    It looks as if the weather is going to be kind to us in the Fens this weekend and so we intend to repaint the garden furniture and add a splash of colour to our plant pots this bank holiday. Wickes have some amazing offers at the moment and I picked up a six cans of spray paint for the bargain price of £22 and cant wait to get on with part two of our spring clean – revamping the garden.


  6. I like to clean for Spring, but also in Autumn. As we go into the time of year when the house is mostly shut up and the fire is producing lots of dust, it’s good to have a good clean first so the air we breathe is cleaner.

    I also like to clean up and give away things before New Year’s day. It can be good to also repair things (clothing, household items etc..) so that you go into the new year with a fresh slate.



  7. I am about to start some planned and budgeted work in our house and it starts after a massive spring clean. Key is to plan and organize and spend just what we said we would. Will take place over the next 6 months but have been preparing for this for a few years by saving up. Exciting to see it happen.


  8. I love tidying drawers and cupboards, I find it satisfying and therapeutic. Undies drawer is done, the knickers that laugh at me and say ” no chance ” have gone to dusterland making room for the yacht sales that have replaced them ,wardrobe has had the same treatment except for some sentimental items. Next are the kitchen cupboards, we have only lived here for 2 months but current system is not working and there aren’t enough of them. Downsizing has been good but there is still room for more chucking out. We are loving it in Liskeard and have got a railcard so trips to Plymouth are cheap and quick and the bus trip to Torpoint to visit family is stunning, we are so lucky!

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  9. I just sort and clean out cupboards on a regular basis, i’m always amazed at how much i can throw away or send to charity shops, (or sell on ebay), if I left it until just Spring we would have no room, lol. I like things tidy and clean so tend to try not to horde much these days. I love the sense of satisfaction when a room has been cleaned top to bottom.


  10. I like spring cleaning my house but for now my family room is full of plants that i planted from seeds and waiting to be transplanted outside when weather permits. I bought 2 raised beds and this is my first time attempt to grow a garden. Wish me luck my friends.


    • Good luck! Some people just have a talent for growing plants. I’m a complete disaster (inconsistent, forgetful) but our downstairs neighbor can make anything grow and produce food. Meaning our freezer is covered in trays of sprouted seeds this time of year (being the only flat illuminated protected surface in the laundry room)..we have a green house but it’s freezing these nights so we need to take them in. Accessing ice cream is a task at the moment.


  11. This may sound strange but I live down under. I prefer to clean before winter. One of my aunts introduced me to this concept.It is good to have a clean after Christmas and have a cosy house for winter when we spend more time indoors. I welcome the cooler air of autumn and spring seems to last ten minutes and then it is hot and sticky.

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