Britain’s cheapest supermarket ?

Hello Dear Reader,

This is NOT a sponsored post. I just wanted to save you some money.

You may have had Farm Foods in your area for a while but our nearest store in Bodmin has opened recently. I went there today for the first time and I thought I’d share my experience. 

Farm foods was started in Scotland and has been around for years and is a well respected discount retailer. It reminded me of Iceland in its earlier days, when it used to be cheaper than it now. Farm Foods had a lot of bulk offers and I made the most of those bulk offers and bought meat and veg multi pack offers. I thought the store would be fantastic for thrifty money savers who have a big freezer and want to stock up the pantry. I know of families who take a trip to farm foods once a month and fill up their chest freezer. I don’t blame them, it was certainly cheap

There were of course, as in any supermarket, plenty of convenience food and foods that make life easier., who can resist a kilo of meatballs for £3.33, I bought the chicken thighs, gammon steaks and pork loin steaks. They will certainly make my life easier. 

I’ve always been a fan of frozen food as nothing goes off or gets wasted. I know some people don’t like to buy any frozen food and that’s ok but if you get a chance, take a look and fill up your freezer. If the leaflet comes through your door, there are discount vouchers that you can tear off and take with you. I saved £2.50 off my £25 shop with my voucher. I bought frozen meat and veg, eggs, ice lollies and bacon, in fact loads to keep us going for quite a while.

Over to you, has anyone else been there? What did you think?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


27 thoughts on “Britain’s cheapest supermarket ?

  1. Am always pleasantly surprised at how much I get for my money on Farmfoods. Their veggie deals are amazing and like you mentioned, nothing goes to waste.
    Their loo rolls and kitchen rolls are great quality also.


  2. I buy the frozen veg but not any meat from them, it’s just never been very nice, full of fat, doesn’t taste nice etc so I’ve given in trying to buy meat from them altogether as waste it by not eating it, everything else seems fine though I’ve never had any issues


  3. We have a farm foods near us and though we don’t go regularly, we think the prices of the stuff we do buy is good. We are quite lucky because Lidl have just opened a large supermarket on the same retail park.


  4. Used to like this shop until they closed down in my town 😦
    There is one on Tavistock Rd Crownhill for when you’re in Plymouth xx


  5. I shop there a lot. It’s saved me a lot of money over the years. Sometimes I don’t understand how they make any profit as things are so cheap! People assume it’s just frozen convenience food – how wrong they are!


  6. Staying in Scotland we have had these offers for sometime. I’m not a fan of their quick meals ….however their Chicken Breast roasts 3 for £10 are beautiful. love the fish especially the breaded. Pizzas are amazing their value in tins of tuna and spaghetti are favorites hear. Steak pie mash potato all favourites. chocolate is always on specials and so is Pop/Coke. Its no longer just frozen food in Scotland we now have great fresh produce. A fantastic place to save money.


  7. Our local Farmfoods closed down so i haven’t been in one for a while. Like Daves81 i would buy the veg and the like but not anything meat related, i’m a bit sceptical of how they can sell chicken nuggets and meatballs so cheap, makes me wonder what else is in there besides meat.
    Sometimes they do have the branded products in there though so great for searching out a bargain.

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  8. Thanks, have never been to one, but now I know there is one in Bodmin I will make the effort and go in the week. Hope your happy with your meat, will look forward to your review.


  9. We pop to one in Birmingham when we visit family.The packs of salmon are good value and tasty.I don’t eat meat but my family like the chicken breasts, such good value at 3 packs for £10.We buy their toilet rolls too, they are really decent quality.


  10. Their blocks of mature cheddar are also great value. Their bread is Hovis with two loaves for £1.50. Friends who have a cafe get a lot of supplies there as they are cheaper than the wholesalersj


  11. the voucher leaflets tend to be only given out at selected stores , but if you register online there are usually printable ones every once in a while , the only problem i find is that if your on a very tight income you just cant stock up on one item for £10 , i have £10 to spend for the week for a family of 4 and a munchkin , so i cant take advantage of the offers


  12. Ours closed years ago. So haven’t had the opportunity. Hope you 6 weeks of thrift goes well. I’m flagging in the motivation side of things. Can put plants in cause of the frost and changing weather.


  13. I shopped in there this morning for the first time in a couple of years, and was pleasantly surprised at how much I got for my money. The real test will be what the quality/taste of the food is like when I cook it. I do remember buying frozen mince before which we didn’t like at all, it just sort of disintegrated, melted almost, whereas we like our mince quite chunky. I did buy fresh mince in there this morning though, which was good value.


  14. I did a Farmfoods stock up on Monday then came home and compared how much the same shop would have cost at Sainsburys. I used the same products where I could, (Bernard Matthews turkey dinosaurs and Muller Light yoghurts for example) and then where there wasn’t an exact match I used Sainsbury’s basics (for frozen peas and ice lollies for example).

    My Farmfood shop was £79.13 whereas my Sainsbury’s shop would have been £119.00.

    Isn’t that amazing!



  15. I used to do a lot of shopping in FF using their money off vouchers but we now live further away and no car so I tend to only buy a couple of bits at a time or use supermarkets that deliver instead. I do still pop in for their 12 packs of Cornettos for just £2.49.


  16. Just moved to Bodmin…yay! Spoilt for choice with supermarkets. Had Farmfoods frozen chicken breasts in a casserole last night and was pleasantly surprised. Nice and tender, cooked from frozen. Not something I would have usually tried but will buy again. The frozen veg at 4 packs for £3 have been fine too. Only one veg eater in the house so no waste. It would be a fantastic place for larger families to shop as they do a lot discounted bulk purchases, but I’ll pick and choose the deals that suit us two. Oh, and the Swedish Meatballs were okay too. Chucked them in a slow cooker with FF frozen peppers, FF frozen mushrooms, tin of tomatoes and a random shake of chicken gravy granules….fed unexpected guests quickly and easily with plenty of leftovers. Yum.


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