Thrifty sunny Saturday

Hello Dear Reader,

It’s been a stunning sunny day here. We were up early and I’ve cleaned the house from top to bottom, changed the bedding and washed all the laundry and dried it in the line. I made buchwheat galettes for lunch, a favourite Breton recipe and I made enough so we can have them another day as well. I have a proper crêpe pan now that we brought back from France and it’ll get well used.

We’re one week down of a very thrifty six weeks where we need to put the financial brakes on for a while. But, I had to get some work shoes and found Clark’s outlet online and bought the shoes at less than half price. They are perfect and really comfortable. I’m hard on shoes and rarely get more than a year out of them as I spend all day on my feet.

We worked in the garden today, DB used up some premixed mortar and repaired the garden path and I found the garden furniture paint in the shed and gave the bench a couple of coats of paint. I’ve stored the paint away as there’s plenty enough for another year.

I reheated left over bits for our supper that wasn’t quite enough for a meal so I made some smoked mackerel pâte as a starter. I skinned the mackerel fillets, added 1/4 pot of fromage frais, 2 heaped tablespoons of horseradish sauce, tablespoon of lemon juice and salt and pepper. I blitzed the ingredients in the food processor.

We shared the bowlful and ate it with carrot sticks. It’s divine and we love it.

So, the house is clean, the garden is tidy, I have lovely new shoes on a budget, the laundry is clean and dry, the path is mended and the garden bench is bright and blue for spring. 

I’ll call today a thrifty success.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx