Bacon and vegetable risotto with steamed greens 

Hello Dear Reader, 

Quick recipe tonight, one of those, straight through the door, make it and eat it as quickly as you can. 

Firstly, I shredded a bag of spring greens and put them in the steamer.

I boiled the kettle and made 750ml litre of chicken stock.

I chopped one onion,

1/2 small pack of lean bacon

1/4 bag of mixed frozen veggies 

1 1/2 cups of risotto rice.

I added the onions and bacon to a pan and fried it without any other oil

I added the veggies and continued to stir with the other ingredients for ten minutes.

I added the rice and stock in one go.

I kept stirring until all the stock was absorbed. If the rice isn’t cooked to your liking, add some boiling water and continue to cook. 

Normally, risotto is glistening from the addition of butter or oil but it’s not needed as the starch of the rice makes it glossy and it was really delicious and the pile of greens just made it even more tasty.

Give it a try. If you’re following slimming world, this has no syns.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


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