Pancake fillings?

Hello Dear Reader,

Tonight’s supper didn’t go well! Never mind, it was edible, gluten free and relatively healthy. I’d previously made some buckwheat pancakes and tonight I had a filling of mushrooms, spinach and fromage frais. I cooked the mushrooms in frylight (not butter) and then added the spinach (previously frozen) and then I added garlic and fromage frais. That didn’t work and the fromage frais just disappeared. 

To compensate, I added a small amount of half fat emmenthal. Next time, I’ll make a small amount of béchamel sauce and add a little cheese. 

The salad and couple of slices of ham were lovely. Lesson learned? Eat fromage frais cold with fruit and don’t cook with it.

Over to you, have you ever had a cooking disaster ? What went wrong and what will you do differently next time?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


12 thoughts on “Pancake fillings?

  1. Oh, have I ever! Usually, it’s a failure of a yeast bread to rise. I have learned that, no matter what the recipe calls for, to always proof my yeast. I have also baked more than my fair share of flat cookies. Lesson: Use cold butter.


  2. I’ve had too many disasters to list! My most recent one was my “fail safe” Chocolate pudding which totally refused to rise though the sauce. It was made worse because we had 5 people staying with us and also because it went so wrong that it was inedible and had to be thrown away.
    I shall repeat the pudding soon to regain confidence!

    Would the fromage frais have worked better if you’d spread it on the pancakes? Sue


  3. This week I have had an too much salt disaster. I followed a new recipe and it was too salty for anyone to eat. I was cross as it could only go in the bin.


    • I realise that it sounds silly to say I had to throw the food out. In hindsight there were many commercial ingredients in this dish and we are not used to the saltiness of such foods.


  4. Too many to list! But with experimenting, sometimes it works out well using up the bits and pieces. I bet the fromage frais gave the dish a lovely taste even if not how you intended.


  5. Since joining Slimming World quark is my best friend ! Mixed with an egg it makes a good alternative to a white/cheese sauce and its fat free 🙂 I also add a little mustard to taste or even horseradish sauce is good too.


  6. I made apple muffins at put 2.5 tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda instead of 2.5 teaspoons of baking powder. ..Needless to say they were disgusting. What I will do next time is read the recipe!!


  7. I had been experimenting with various toast toppers and sandwich pastes and had successfully created many different versions.
    I had lots of approved food coconut milk and tins of black olives in the cupboard and thought a black olive tapenade with coconut might be good. It wasn’t, it was disgusting and completely inedible! It eventually got chucked, I couldn’t do anything with it


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