Cooking ahead saves waste

Hello Dear Reader,

I know it Monday, but it feels like a Sunday, when I usually cook for the week ahead. I spent yesterday catching up on myself. It’s early evening now, it’s getting cooler and we’ve lit the wood stove. I’ve meal prepped for a few days.

I cooked roast chicken for today and tomorrow. Chicken and leek casserole for the freezer.

Here’s how I made that

8 chicken thighs (2.50 in Asda) – I removed the skins, cooked them in a separate dish and chopped the skin up for the dogs and added it to their supper bowls.

3 leeks, chopped and washed – 20p today – Asda

1 red pepper – finely sliced – 30p – Asda

Chicken stock pot – 25p with 500ml water

3 carrots – 6p – 20p a bag today in Asda.

Clove of garlic crushed, salt and plenty of pepper

Place in the oven at 180 for an hour an a half.

I also made minestrone soup, which is more of a veggie stew with GF pasta. I’ll take the reheatable mugs into work each day. 

To make these I used

1 pack of leeks chopped up

4 chopped carrots

1 yellow pepper

1 tin of tomatoes 

1 veggie stock pot and 1 litre of water

1 tin of mixed beans

I simmered all of those ingredients until the carrots were soft, about 30 minutes.

I added a cup if pasta and continued to cook until the pasta was soft.

2 minutes in the microwave is all it needs for lunch.

Whilst the oven was on, I popped in four jacket potatoes. I spray them with frylight. They need about an hour. I just microwave when we need them. They can even be frozen until I need to use them. They’ll go well with chicken casserole.

I bought a small chicken and roasted it, we’ll eat one meal tonight and we’ll eat ding cuisine tomorrow when we get home.

Even though it was a small chicke, there was enough to pull off the carcass and one leg for DB’s sandwiches.

I chopped the chicken and added, 1 tbsp of mayonnaise, 1 tsbsp of mango chutney and a sprinkle of curry powder. 

DB has sandwiches for three days and they keep well in the fridge.

Well, that’s me sorted up to Thursday.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


12 thoughts on “Cooking ahead saves waste

  1. Hello Froogs! Thank you for the recipes. Leeks are very expensive here in the States and not always available. Do you know what might be an acceptable substitute? I have the same repeatable mugs as you do. I love them! I am interested to see that you wrap sandwiches in foil. Here in the States, using “ziplock” plastic bags is more popular. Is there any particular reason you use the foil? I use the ziplock bags myself for sandwiches, but I will reuse them for an entire week (or longer). Thank you!


  2. Batch cooking is the way isn’t it? I sort’s out meals, costs and having something ready at short or no notice. Your recipes are perfect for this way of cooking.


  3. As always you’re meals look delicious but after a year of cutting various foods out of my families diet I have found that we are all fairing very well on a grain-free diet. This has been particularly true for me as the reintroduction of grain into my diet has caused mouth ulcers/swollen gums and a bloated stomach. I have also had problems with sweet potatoes, normal potatoes and beans (the staples of a frugal diet), as well as nuts. This has seriously increased our weekly spend on food.

    It would be wonderful if you could share any frugal, grain-free recipes.

    Thank you,


  4. Did you say Froogs that you can cook jacket potatoes in oven, freeze and then reheat in microwave?
    Also my son eats later than us and i do him and his dad pork chops sometimes, i make him take the chop off the plate and reheat the veg only but eat the chop cold but a friend has said i can reheat the chop. Whats your opinion please? Thank u tina


  5. When you plate up your roasts for the microwave, do you put the gravy on them or make fresh when they heated. I find the gravy soaks in and I need more anyway.


  6. I love your blog – we live in a similar frugal manner on the other side of the world, saving for our retirement dream. I batch cook & pre-plan dinners for the week too. Over Easter I made 4 pies – one mutton and veg from left over roast (our own sheep), we have chickens too so 3 bacon and egg ( I think a Kiwi thing, but very delicious, I use bacon pieces which are cheap) and a large pot of boil-up (also a kiwi thing but very easy, nutritious and economical- cheap meat cuts like neck chops, plus potatoes and greens ( we use watercress that we gather for free) some salt and pepper, fill up the pot with water and boil 3 hours or so, it reduces down and feeds us for 2-3 days. You can add dumplings, we find it’s filling enough without). Also mushroom season here so we are having meals of wild mushrooms on toast.

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  7. I love your ideas here. I am going to try the minestrone recipe this weekend. I also love the idea of adding mango chutney and curry powder to leftover chicken for a sandwich filler. This sounds delicious. Great blog – I will be following.


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