Not a lot, very slowly

Hello Dear Reader,

What a lovely two weeks.

Home cooked food, salads, chilled rosé wine and good company.

We helped some neighbours move furniture.

We got to know the French chaps next door (teachers).

We met the old guy, who wears clogs and lives with a blue eyed cat, opposite us, who chatted to us where he previously used to scuttle indoors.

We had a great night out (lock in!) with the locals.

We tidied the woodland, found and stacked logs, cleaned out the wood shed and sat in front of the fire each night.

Went to the charity shop in Morlaix and bought some furniture.

We built a wall with a door.

We painted a room.

We gave the house a good clean.

It was relaxing and we did not a lot, very slowly.

Tucked it up safely and waved goodbye.

We’ll be back in summer.

I’ll see you tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


14 thoughts on “Not a lot, very slowly

  1. Safe journey back to Cornwall – we are looking in Brittany (only just started to see what’s around) not in a rush just testing the water!
    Sounds like you have been busy but enjoying your time in your new home, thanks for sharing with us 😊


  2. We have been mulling over the idea of getting somewhere in brittany for years now. I love seeing your posts as it gives me real inspiration. Keep up the great work and maybe we will bump it to one another one of these days.


  3. I’m still a little confused. It looks like your home has three levels? N’est ce pas – my limited French. What is on the first floor, second floor and then third floor? Merci


  4. What a wonderful break. Good job on you guys for getting to know your neighbours! We’re also gearing up to get back to school tomorrow and my little boy in Primary 1 is feeling a little reluctant after a very chilled fortnight.



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