Building a partition wall

Hello Dear Reader,

The top floor of our house was once a self contained two roomed flat but last year DB opened up the floor and built and installed stairs. We’ve built our first wall (ever) and will eventually have a four bedroomed house. 

Here’s our wall building. We bought the door and frame last year, it was second hand but never used and a bargain for 20€. The wood and the plasterboard was all bought from Brico depot and a friend, a builder, told us how to build the wall. His instructions were invaluable.

DB built the frame and plaster boarded one side.

Here it is with the door.

I stapled the insulation inside the frame.

We then screwed the plasterboard to the other side as well.

He filled all screw holes and joints with plaster mix.

We also added beading over the joints, I think it will give it a paneled look. Not to everybody’s taste, especially not if you have perfectionist tendancies but I don’t. It’ll be fine when painted.

I’m currently painting. I put one coat on, allow it to dry and then pain again. It will take three or four coats. Bare wood or plasterboard just sucks up the paint. Here in France, they don’t plaster on top of the board, they just paint.

It’ll be a finished room tomorrow even though I don’t have any furniture for it yet.

All in good time.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx