Utter bliss of belonging 

Hello Dear Reader,

The weather has been amazing today. A very patient and generous friend has taught us how to build walls and I’ll soon have a new bedroom. I thought I’d share the please don’t let your dog pee in the recycling shop. It’s a pretty straightforward forward explanation as to why dogs can’t go in the shop.

Our top floor will be two separate bedrooms and divided off and insulated will make our bedrooms a lot easier to keep warm. We bought the door when we bought the stairs from a local couple who’d started renovating a second home but didn’t get further than owning a lot of stuff from the Brico depot. I love the way DB has worked out the dimensions on the wall. A few coats of paint I think.

Our front driver’s side tyre had started to deflate and we’d made an appointment at Speedy to get it repaired. One tiny screw had caused the problem. Fortunately, for 29€ it was fixed. 

It was really hot but we learned a whole load of new French words at the garage: log book, braking system, shock absorbers and windscreen. We read every sign in the time we waited as it got ever hotter.

This afternoon we met the most wonderful couple who rescue dogs, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, ponies and cats. I’m now totally in love with English setters who were abandoned hunting dogs but with the right owners make the most loyal pets. There are some wonderful people in the world who open up their homes and take in animals who would otherwise be put down. 

On our way home, we passed the camping aire that was full of camping cars enjoying a warm spring evening. It’s really spring like today.

I love days like this: friends generous with their knowledge and meeting people with such kindness to animals. We also had a lovely chat with one of our very shy neighbour who doesn’t go out much. We are beginning to feel part of the community who are getting used to our comings and goinhs. 

As usual, I’ve cooked supper, we’ve read, listened to music, walked the dogs and watched some TV and as the evening temperature has dropped, we’ve lit the fire and closed the shutters. It’s turning out to be the loveliest holiday home in a beautiful little town. All on the cheap as we keep it thrifty.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


8 thoughts on “Utter bliss of belonging 

  1. I always wanted to visit France. I learned french when i was in primary school but never had the chance to speak it with the native french speaking people. I follow your life’s adventure it is very interesting. I like people who are content with themselves and who enjoy the little things in life.

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    • Really like and agree with your final sentence. I’m just out into the garden to sow some carrots, leeks and radishes and hopefully manage to get some very cheap strawberries in, perfect thing to do and makes me ridiculously happy. Enjoy the sunshine x


  2. Really enjoying following your french adventures, as a new reader to your blog.

    My sister is a lover of setters too and I would be interested if the lady rescues to England? My sister currently has a Gordon but her first love is the English, especially the “Blue Belton” colour!! Can hardly bare to think of these beautiful dogs needing homes.



  3. You so look like you belong there. The contentment shows in your face. Just lovely. The house is changing under you and DB’s love and hard work.


  4. What a great time you’re having – enjoy xxx May i ask do the setter rescuers transport the dogs to uk for adoption? Thanks xxx


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