Bargain of the day

Hello Dear Reader,

We really should be getting on with some DIY but we found a nail in our tyre and needed to go and get it fixed. Some lovely friends gave us some advice and the name of he repair company and we went off in search of it. I’ve been going to evening classes to learn French and I’m quite happy to go to the garage and book the car in and tell what was wrong and ask for what I wanted. After the garage, we went to Ti recup where they sell items which have been taken to the recycling centre and have been saved from landfill. My French exercise books and salt and pepper pot were eighty centimes. Bargain if I may say so although, knowing my linguistic ability is of an eight yeah old shows I have a lot to learn

This morning was so lovely that we took ourselves around the lake for a walk. We left with jackets on but carried them home as it was so warm. Everywhere in Huelgoat is bei g renovated from paths, play areas, landscaping and it’s such a change from the U.K which is in a state of constant decline and looks scruffy and uncared for.

A lot of trees have been cleared from around the lake which really opens up views and means little lanes like this allow a sneaky glimpse now and then.

So, a quiet day of walking, drying laundry in the sunshine, the recycling centre, getting the car fixed and finding some bargains. Tonight, I’ll do some comprehension or grammar practice…..I’ll need to use my new dictionary a great deal too. Oh well, it’ll keep me busy on the cheap.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


7 thoughts on “Bargain of the day

  1. I was in England in the fall and din’t find it run down although I wasn’t as far south as Cornwall. Is it really in bad shape? So sad. i would love to be in sunny warm France at the moment.


  2. I really enjoy your blog, don’t comment much, but wanted you to know how interesting it is to read. Thank you for posting on your adventures.


  3. I’m sorry that you find your area of Cornwall to be rundown. For other people that read here I’d like to say that I find North Devon to be well maintained and not rundown, a really pretty and welcoming area. I can also attest to Weybridge and many other towns in Surrey to be well kept up.


    • Try Plymouth and some parts of Cornwall, lots of Poundland, chips and rubbish everywhere. Roads full of potholes, hedges and verges uncut, A38 verges covered in rubbish, bins not emptied and overflowing, dog mess, broken up repaired play equipment, pavements with rocking slabs that ooze mud when you stand on them. Councils don’t have the funding.


  4. We went to Jersey, CI to a family wedding, Landed in London and drove the scenic route through to Wales to visit a relative. We stopped in many beautiful villages along the way; Avebury and Stonehenge,, Calne, Bath, Swindon, Basingstoke, and Guildford. i suppose we did hit more of the touristy places but I am a true lover of what I have seen on my several trips. I almost made it to Cornwall this visit, but it was not meant to be but I hope to return someday not to far off, Carla


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